Villains Reign Variant Covers from Marvel in December 2021


Some additional not announced Marvel titles:

  1. The Love Boat as the Titanic
  2. Penicillin as the Bubonic Plague
  3. The 7 Wonders of the World as the Sinking of Atlantis
  4. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as the Deforestation of the Amazon.

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

  1. Firefox as AOL

DC Comics called, they want their Year of the Villain / Tales from the Dark Multiverse back.

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That Thing #2 cover is straight out of Misfits American Psycho album cover. Just kinda flipped. Gonna need to get me one.


Here is a better comparison



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Black panther n Spider-man are beautiful. might have to get the whole set.

No, Anthony, all we homage now is ASM 300. So whether it looks like it or not, that Thing cover is an ASM 300 homage. I kid.

In all seriousness it’s my favorite of all the covers. I wonder what the Fiend collector effect might be on that cover.

Could have crossover potential. I am buying one as a Fiend Club Member.

As a “Villains Rule” fan, I kinda like this. lol
The Thing/Misfits cover is a definite pick up.

Hulk as Kingpin just sounds like a cool concept to me. Definitely a grab.

BP as Sabretooth seems cool, but that’s not a huge stretch of the imagination. They’re both cats.

But Captain America as a Princess? Hard pass.

Don’t forget Captain Marvel as Mole Man. :rofl:

Mole WOMAN ! Get woke, bro.

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