Vinyl Record Collectors

I’ve been on the hunt for Lord Huron’s Mighty EP Vinyl Record and for the life of me cannot find one. These are super rare and usually go for like $400+ from what I’ve seen in the past. So I’m asking you people, the CHU community who happen to be Vinyl Record collectors if you come across one, I’ll give up my first born for this record.

But while we’re here, we can talk vinyl records if you want as well! Rarities, what you’ve picked up recently, etc.


I am always looking for a self-titled JFA album. People always ask why don’t you just buy it online? Partially because no copies are ever listed but also the fun is looking for it. Not super expensive just hard to find.

My wife’s cousin is into Vinyl collecting. When she travels thats what she likes to do. Ill ask her to see if she can help you out.

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I like vinyl but am by no means a professional collector. Just have a smattering of fun things I’ve found or bought online. The only thing I’ve got anything, “Remarkable,” of would be some OutKast stuff as I love OutKast.

Today is Vinyl Record Day.

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