Vitals - True Nurse Stories (Marvel)

Tell your favorite health care worker in PA to be on the lookout.

And if you’re lucky enough to obtain a copy pass it along to a healthcare worker, maybe whose a comic fan or has kids they’d like to give it to.

Im not sure I’d they can be ordered. Seems as if its a promotional comic.

A real feel good/tear jerker I’m sure.

Where do you get these?

I’d be interested in one for my wife. She took over managing 70 nurses, techs, and orderlies two months before a 100 year pandemic.

Here it is digitally at least:

Looks like it will be available at Allegheny medical facilities and recruiting events. Local healthcare promo comic from Marvel Custom.

If anyone finds a place to order any copies let me know. I have some relatives who are nurses with young kids who like comics that this would be great for.

I’ve been working in healthcare since 2001 and currently work for Utah’s largest healthcare system. Would love to also know where one might be able to get a couple copies of this book.

Very cool to see Marvel do this.