Vote Today!

For all our users of CHU Forum who are American citizens and eligible to vote, make sure you do it today! If you already voted absentee/via mail, that’s great, otherwise, you need to be sure and do it NOW! No matter which candidates or issues you support you are fulfilling a civic duty by voting.

CHU Forum users who aren’t American citizens such as my Canadian chum @jcLu can just kick-back today, of course, but make sure you vote in your elections as well!


Yep! Me and the wife dropped off our absentee ballots last month so we are good


My wife voted via mail as she has health issues that put her at higher risk for COVID-19. If I wanted to vote by mail in Missouri I would’ve had to get a notary according to our laws as I didn’t have a reason that was exempt from requiring one. Therefore I just woke up early and waited in line as the sun rose. Once I voted I came back home and fell back asleep till she and our son were up.


Turned in my ballot at the dropbox last week. :us:

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Yea I am a cancer survivor so I didn’t actually drop them off, the wife did. Kind of in quarantine until there is a vaccine like the flu shot. Covid would likely be fatal for me with my now poor immune system after going through chemo and stuff last year


Where in Missouri?

Saint Louis region!

I used to live in Clayton

Voted in person today. Stay safe CHU fam!

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Done and done.

Very glad you are here and “F” cancer! GO USA!!!

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