Vulcan spec

Lately I’ve been seeing YouTubers showing off back issue hauls get excited when finding X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1, 1st appearance of Vulcan, who is a Summers brother. I think he’s on the cover of #2. They call it a big sleeper book.

Still a $5 - $10 book and probably in back issue bins everywhere.

So is there a reason to believe he’ll be included in an X-Men movie? Is the deadly genesis storyline ripe for the big screen? Is there a reason to be calling it a sleeper? Gonna be hunting this week and I’m sure I’ll find a copy or two.

Curious to hear some thoughts.

I pick up the first 2 issues of the series whenever the price is right and have been for a few years. The second issue contains the first appearance of Darwin whose made an appearance in the x-men first class movie. One of the variants of number one has Vulcan on the cover so it beats out number two for first cover appearance.

They’ve been priced to high for me for the most part. If I can find it under $10 shipped I’ll pick it up. Otherwise I pass.

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I imagine he’ll be relevant again some day - whether on tv or in print.

I have a handful of both covers in a long box somewhere. I went hard on this series when it debuted several years ago.

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Which cover is he on? Quesada?

Hmm I’ll be honest I don’t know who that is on the Quesada cover.

And there are actually 3 covers to issue #1. Forgot about the Wolverine one.

I’ve always assumed it was Vulcan on the Quesada Variant.