Walking Dead New Comic Series Typhoon

Looks like we are getting our first spin off Walking Dead Title Typhoon. Typhoon will take place in China. I do remember Kirkman saying there will not be any spin off titles for the Walking Dead. I guess Kirkman’s pockets are low after TWD only sales half as many books as it use to. Thanks POYO, this will be a novel not a comic.

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I thought I read that this is a novel, not ongoing new comic series.

Yes your right it’s going be a novel.

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There have been previous WD novels … :vulcan_salute:

I would like to see how outbreak affected other parts of the world in TWD universe.

我打賭在中國也有一個Rick Grimes。 :grin:



我知道我是對的 :slight_smile:

在中國也是如此。 人們需要領導者,他們找到自己的Rick Grimes!

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Thats horrible, just horrible.



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