Walking Dead sale at Diamond

Buy 4 get one Free and they still have a few of the Blind Bag 15th Anniversary issues that had the secret variants with writing or sound affects to pick from.

Doesn’t one have to have a diamond account? You’re talking to a small minority if so. Most of us do not have Diamond accounts.

To order directly you need a Diamond account but even if you don’t and you want to roll the dice on a handful of Walking Dead black bags or other items all you have to do is contact your favorite source and say

(insert name here), can you grab me 10 or 15 of those 15th Anniversary Black Bag 100’s before they sell out?

As for the small minority part, there’s no telling how many viewers out there have Diamond accounts that read along but don’t let you know. I read the other part you can’t edit for over a year before saying something one day. Minority’s like deals too. :nerd_face:

Additionaly, a minority of two would still be an increase in quantity over just talking to the puppy. :service_dog:

I generally consider these type Diamond Blowouts to be bird cage lining … in addition, publicly offering up info that is only supposed to be available to actual Retailers seems bad form and doubtful if Diamond would condone that practice …

Some of the books are no doubt destined to be cheap books but there were surprise mix in variants in the black bags for 4 or 5 of the issues that you could do really well with if you got lucky and got one in one of the black bags. The day after Walking Dead Day I opened all my black bags to take the guessing out and sold my #19 secret sketch for triple figures in under 2 hours of discovering it. 19’s sold out already but 3 or 4 other one’s also had mix in secret variants that may still have some interest and I find the search itself fun.

Why would Diamond care that I just told whoever’s reading this to order some from you? I don’t see why that would be a problem. It creates sales for you, Diamond and Image if they do while relieving them of back stock which I imagine is the point of the sale in the first place. In this case it’s a generic notice to check your Diamond Daily before they sell out if you have been putting it off. The 3 items mentioned specifically, you and other CHU members may not know about what was secretly included or why you should give them a little consideration. I thought that would count as a spec tip for CHU members and stores reading CHU but not commenting, which is what I thought was the point of CHU.

I usually advertise all of their sales directly with complete listings and item codes so my customers know what they can get a deal on. In this case the equivalent of 20% OFF if they buy in 5’s and some have a chance of having a surprise prize inside many people may not have known to look for. I’d most likely take orders for less than 5 just to have extras to open myself. Even if they don’t have the secret variant, there’s a 10% chance of getting the B&W Virgin, 15% chance of getting the B&W or a 25% chance of getting the Color Virgin.

We can’t afford to buy every item from every sale so it’s usually something like copy the list, edit out the sale prices and list them with a flat discount usually about the same % Diamond’s discounting and let customers tell us which one’s they want us to acquire for them assuming they let us know before the item sells out.

Here’s the #19 sketch I got lucky with that by itself made Walking Dead Day profitable.

If you find any unopened Black bags for 19 out in the wild there could be more copies still to be discovered.

On a personnel note, I spent the first 3 years not even reading the Diamond Daily at all. I didn’t understand the benefits doing so can clue you into, especially with time sensitive sales that items are selling out rapidly on. Diamond doesn’t give lessens on how to do things unless you specifically call in and ask and half the time the person on the phone doesn’t even know what’s on the DD until I have them go look to answer a question. I wish someone like me had clued me in years sooner to look for things like this.

19 isnt sold out, i just ordered 10 and got my email back saying its coming from memphis.
Campbell recently had a sale for these on his website as well. His stuff always seems hot initially but tends to deflate after awhile. Be on the look out for his Black Cat covers. those are pretty hot on the Bay right now.

Thank’s for pointing out the 19’s are back in stock. They were showing out the day of the sale so maybe it was a temporary glitch on the site or something.

I must have magic fingers. The very 1st Black bag I opened this morning from this sale was one of the 100’s and it was the Secret Variant!!!

I can’t decide rather to open the rest but that one copy should cover the cost of the entire order and maybe fund some extra tries at #19 with the extra.

I opened them. Out of 12 #100’s I got
1- Secret Variant
2- B&W Virgins
1- B&W
5- Standard Color Cover
3- Color Virgins

OCD kicked in and all the Black Bags are now open. Only the one Secret Variant out of all of them but since I’d already sold out of #19 I just reordered 20 copies so I get to play again in a couple weeks. Thanks for the heads up on the back in stock at Diamond!!! Some days I feel like a kid in a comic store!

i should get mine today as well. have you listed yours yet on ebay?

Nice pull.

Meh, Nothing good from mine. #19 - regular Cvr, Virgin Color, BW cvr, Virgin BW Cvr. - #100 same thing , standard, BW, Virgins, #1 only stadard and virgin Color. … Anthony or Poyo - you want a copy (or set) for free give away?

lets see if i can get photos working

IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0960

Sure. Hit up Anthony, I’m sure he’d love to do a promoted giveaway.

I didn’t get any winners with #19 this time but I did get all the cover variations advertised for the 4 percentages.

#100 was an instant triple digit sale. Worth all the trouble to buy more just like I expected when making the original post. 19’s getting good listing prices at mycomicshop https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=46634381 so it’ll be a money maker long term even without another surprise variant.