Walmart Packs - 4Q22

No, they’re not here yet. But November 5th will make it 3 months since the last batch came out.

So next week/weekend expect them to show up.

I’m thinking Star Wars Visions will have a Walmart variant t.

What other books are people thinking might make the cut?

Walmart may not be out yet, but are there new DC packs?

Seems like this is new.

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These packs were so much more fun when there were random incentives and less common books in some of them. The comic community freaked out, and Marvel responded by getting rid of most/all of that. Now those marvel packs are meh. DC still has a few fun things in there from time to time.

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Are you sure that is true? I think Marvel is oblivious to what goes in these packs. I thought it was diamond that provides the books to Walmart.

I don’t think marvel holds on to any of the stock. Maybe they authorize Diamond to release the books to Walmart, but beyond that why would Marvel care?

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I believe Diamond handed the books off to MJ Holdings who made the packs up and distributed to Walmart. As for incentives, I have not found any Marvel incentives since that windfall of incentives.

Maybe they’ve tightened things up since the debacle with the store exclusives showing up in packs happened.

Was that not the end?

At this point, I’m just looking for the cool variant on the top.

The closest Walmart to me is 15mins away. They haven’t carried any Comics, Pokemon Cards, and Baseball cards in a long time due to the way people where speculating and robbing people for the cards.

I believe after X amount of time Diamond and distributors can do whatever they want with the stock they didn’t sell.

Oh, I have ZERO evidence of any policy change with these. All I know is for a quarter or two, we had a bunch of incentives and a few store exclusives flowing in. Mass hysteria ensued. And, now those packs have very few to no incentives. Either they coincidentally had incentive overprint stock and quickly used it all up, or someone somewhere said, “stop doing that.”

I’m all about the incentives showing up, so maybe if we’re really loud about how we WANT incentives in there, they will start showing up. :slight_smile:

The packs have been around for a while before people got hot on them. My guess is they just happened to get to a point where they had GOOD comics to put in them (warehouse finds after COVID? Extra stock because of slow sales earlier in the pandemic? Diamond giving them “the good stuff” because they were trying to make cash and clear out whatever Marvel they could while they could? Who knows) and when they got bought out, they put as many packs out as they could, and now we’re to the point that PRH+Marvel are printing a lot less copies, and there’s just not an overabundance of dead inventory sitting around.

I can only speak anecdotally from my own previous experience, but Diamond often had more replacements for variants and comics in general than PRH had. I don’t know if they held back a higher %, if Marvel overprinted more for damages/shortages, or what.

Agreed, if you don’t get damage reports into PRH quickly you won’t get a replacement, only a credit.

Looks like Q4 Marvel books are officially out. From what I’ve seen on social media, there’s nothing too amazing being found.

Stolen pic from facebook:

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Changes that I can spot outside of the lack of cover bar code:

  • Spider-verse looks like the 2nd print cover but with a different background color.
  • Ms Marvel Moon Knight looks like a new cover
  • Shang-Chi is the A cover with a different logo color
  • Ant-man is the A cover with a different logo color
  • X-men is the A cover with a different logo color
  • Star Wars is the A cover with a different logo color

There’s also an Amazing Spider-Man 1 facsimile pack that is the exact cover, but with no cover barcode. Also an Avengers 1,000,000 BC with what looks to be a new cover. Seems like an odd choice there.

I have no idea if this is ALL of the covers/packs. But, that’s probably the 8 of them.


I’ll be grabbing that as it has a first cover and no ugly barcode on the front.

I’ve been checking Facebook and eBay every day since 11/1 except today…lol. Beat me to it.

Glad I waited in the ASM1 facs. May grave that too.

Look for the wolvie/Ms marvel/moon knight sticker.


Okay, I may have to look for that. My closest Walmart just remodeled, though, and I have no idea where they moved the comics. :thinking:

Grabbed these this morning. Not sure if anyone had bought any before I got there, Here’s what I observed…see if it there’s have seen the same.

The Star Wars book may be short-packed (like the moon knight facsimile last quarter). There was only one.

Same with Antman. I only noticed 1 copy.

Amazing Spider-Man facsimile had two copies.

Edge of Spider-verse #1 had 3 copies. So not short packed.

The others I didn’t think we’re short. But was in a hurry.

I’m disappointed they chose Star Wars 25 over something like Star Wars Visions. Wtf?