After eating though the previews of this upcoming series it seems that there will be at least a couple of new first appearances.

Wastelanders: Wolverine advertising a new villain named Downfall.

There also appears to be a new Black Widow in Wastelanders: Black Widow. This could also be a play on words because the solicit reads " Who is she? How has she survived this many decades in the Wastelands undetected? Witness her first appearance in the Old Man Universe". Could be Natasha or Yelena, or could be someone else entirely.

Also, and I know that this isn’t necessarily news but I feel like Doctor Doom is going to pop up in the MCU well before the FF. He is all over the place in comics right now. FF, GotG, Darkhold, Wastelanders, and more I’m sure I’m forgetting.

That’s all.

Detective BatmanFan signing off.


I could see Doom before we get F4 being possible. At least maybe Latveria getting mentioned.

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how many people still care about the old man universe ?


I love the Wasteland books/Universe. Imo, it’s a fantastic else world that has slowly been built upon. I was really stoked when Viv showed up in Old Man Quill.


I’ll read Wastelands for sure.