Watch "JOKER - Final Trailer" on YouTube


Been a minute since I’ve been this intrigued by a release. Looks dark, looks amazing… Thoughts? Have a great weekend friends, be well…:black_joker:

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When I first saw the trailer months back, I knew it was probably going to be good. Joaquin is a weird dude but he really puts effort into his roles.


The bootleg was up for about 6 hours yesterday. Can’t find it at this moment though it’s be taken down I assume it will be back up later today or tomorrow.


It’s a good movie but doesn’t have much to do with the current comic genre of films, more to do with the spiraling of mental health into illness.


Obviously I haven’t seen the film. However, I’m pretty sure if it is critically well received it will have an impact on KILLING JOKE, DEATH IN THE FAMILY and pretty much any cool JOKER books/covers, especially older classics… It’s already happening if you look at joker book prices… It’s just hard to assess if this extra attention is in correlation to the film. I believe it is… If you want any joker keys this may be your last chance for good purchase value IMO… :black_joker:

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