WDW3 Issue 2 (Holy Mountain Press)

Not sure when this came out, but We Do What We Want Issue 2 came out.


I reviewed issue 1 over here:

The buy-in is high at $18 cover price. They are also not very forthcoming about who the artists inside are, but I enjoyed the Zirritt Bounty Hunter gallery in issue 1.

Is this like a weird indie anthology? If so, I’m interested!

It’s a magazine. Issue 1 had an Alexis Zirrit interview, articles about ROM Space Knight toys and comics, articles about skateboarding and metal.

That sounds kinda fun.

Yeah. It’s expensive $18.00 but it’s high quality.

There were zero comics in issue 1, strictly speaking. There were some Zirritt illustrations I’d never seen before though. Star Wars bounty hunters and Metallica posters I think.