We All Agree This Is Just Deadpool, Right? (Snake Eyes: Deadgame by Rob Liefeld)


Yeah this is deadpool alright. SMH this book has been delayed for months for this crappy half ass art? No background? Inconsistent designs from panel to panel. Smh he cant even remember the ripped shirt from the previous panel now hes shirtless?

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Liefield gonna Liefield

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Oh, these are three pages from different issues, but yeah, it’s bad.

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I thought the last 2 were same issue? Well either way Robs gonna Rob. He forgot deadpool chest strap lol

Never does…

Backgrounds require more artistic skills… Liefeld knows how to draw crooked torsos with muscles… he’s never evolved beyond such things…

We have a foot sighting!!

A big one too. Like he’s saying “in yo’ face!”


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