We Live #1

Was just notified that We Live #1 is up on TFAW for pre-order. FOC is Monday as it was one of my picks over the weekend. Thanks for the heads up @RipCityGamer for those who were looking to pick up a copy. :slight_smile:


Long time lurker on the site, but this one looks great as I really like small and independent publisher titles.

I pre-ordered a couple and have it added in my pullbox.

I ordered the Momoko Kickstarter. Gonna sell it of course.

The solicitation sounds interesting. I’ll pick up a couple.

I did the Momoko Kickstarter as well. Also got the virgin of it as well as that other title that I’m forgetting name of as well.

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2nd Printing up for pre order on TFAW already. FOC is 4 days away.

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I won’t order through TFAW. Until they get rid of those stupid mailers that provide inadequate protection and end up damaging books.

Great read! The music idea is great too.

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I actually got the 1:15 variant from them today in a mailer and it was pristine. I forgot to add bog and board so it just came bagged and it was perfect. I can say order 5 or more books at a time or a book that costs $6 or more and they come boxed.

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Issue #2 has a great cover worth checking out.

If people get damages in those mailers, I still ask that they submit a support email so we have the data. Even if they don’t want a replacement/refund. Based on the contacts we get, over the last 2 years damages are 2x as likely to happen with the cardboard/gemini mailers as they are in the envelopes or larger boxes. Most of our damage contacts for the envelopes are “The envelope was bent on a corner, dinged up, etc. but the comic looked fine”.

I got some comics in one of those mailers and mine were fine. Those mailers seem pretty sturdy to be honest. It always depends on how it’s handled. I had a guy mad at me because the post office bent the gemini mailer in half and ruined his comic. He sent me pictures of the comic and was yelling at me lol I asked for a picture of the mailer and he sent it and it was bent to hell. Still don’t know why he was screaming at me when the USPS ruined the package. That was the first problem I had since I started using Gemini over a year ago

Anyway the moral of the story is that obviously if you ship a lot of stuff you are going to have items get damaged no matter how well you package them.

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damages happen in the boxes cause there packed like bricks of cocaine and not comics. its a terrible idea to pack 25-50 books in just paper with some packing peanuts. the weight of the brick of books moves them around alot during shipping. look into foam corner protectors, thats how mcs ships. and they work great


Oh boy… my next scheduled pre-order shipment from TFAW will be my largest order with them to date with up to 24-25 books at once - lots of incentive variants.

Fingers crossed.

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I once shipped a book via “media mail” and wrote on the package, Do Not Bend or Throw… the lady at the counter said, why’d you write that on the package, they’re gonna throw it around and mistreat it since it’s media mail.

I went on to tell her, well, “I’m paying you to just transport the contents from point A to point B but USPS does not own the contents, it’s my property until it arrives in the recipients hands. It doesn’t matter if it’s just paper or Styrofoam, simply put, you don’t own it so you have zero rights to mishandle the package.”

She just looked at me and said, you got a point. I know I do… by paying you to transport my mail doesn’t give you the right to damage my property.

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Same here. I’m contemplating switching to weekly from every other for the next month just to cut the numbers closer to 10 for each shipment. Way too many incentives in there that won’t be replaceable. Will cost me about $10 more total to do so, but that might be better.

Incentives auto qualify for gemini mailer, not the flimsy from what I’ve seen.

Trust me, I love all my lovely ladies at my post office. Always quite friendly and helpful. Easy on the eyes as well, gotta bunch of lookers at my PO. They always scan all my packages a bit differently to let me know sooner they’re ready and everything gets held at my local PO which is literally a minute drive from my house. Great group of people.

However If you think that post offices are transporting your package like a full, steaming hot crockpot on the way to grandmas for the holidays you’re so very wrong.

I’ve gone in and watched packages being tossed around. Even knowing I’m standing there they still do it but more gently. They have those waste high bins that they sort stuff out of and into and it’s a regular circus.

These are happy people I’m speaking of. What about those people having a bad day or life that take out their frustration on objects around them? I package like I’m sending eggs out but nothings bulletproof.

In my experiences with those non corrugated cardboard envelopes I get about 25% that come damaged without fail. When I see those mailers I cringe and cringe more when I can hear the book sliding around inside.

As far as damages with Gemini or T-Fold Mailers it doesn’t compare. Maybe 5% and that 5% is due to mis packaging. Folding the comic along with the flaps when closing I’ve seen once or twice. The main issue is people not securing the book so it doesn’t shift or using old packaging that’s not fit for it. Say hello corner impact creases & blunted corners.

Just today I got this in the mail. First thing wrong is a bubble mailer was used. I used to use them regularly but now only if their placed securely inside a box. Second thing was the cardboard wasn’t corrugated or big enough to even cover the comics.

Seller apologized, refunded my purchase price and stated he’d mailed out 40 packages the same way with no issues.

What’s the print run on all those momoko Kickstarter variants?