We Live: Age of the Palladions

FFS. :rofl:

maybe cause 2 different #1’s will be confusing as ■■■■


I’m lost. they say they didn’t make enough when theres 8 million exclusives for this series?

Yep my LCS did not know the Black/White were 2 different books when they did the ordering. I told him I wanted a copy of White 1 and Black 1. He told me the Black was an incentive. I had to let them know that they were 2 different books. I think he screwed up the ordering.

Lol ouch! We still have the full packages up on the site where you get black, white, both 1:15’s and our exclusive :slight_smile:


AfterShock is doing its biggest overprint of the We Live: Rise Of The Palladiums launch issues in the publisher’s history

Dafuq? I guess they’re using all the paper/ink on printing the A covers cuz I just got this from TFAW;

We are getting many less copies of the We Live: Age of Palladions Black & White #1 1:15 variants than we ordered, and unfortunately there are no more at Diamond for us to be sent. We will be cancelling the pre-orders for those who will no longer get a copy, and apologize for the situation. If your pre-order remains, then you should still be good when they arrive barring any further unforeseen allocations or damages.

I mean the spec is mostly dead anyway, which is why I avoided getting the A covers, but I guess I might not be getting any covers.

“We printed way more than stores ordered. Order more! We’ve got a truckload of 'em sitting here.”

“We didn’t get as many as we ordered.”



I wouldn’t be getting this series for spec. The first We Live series was one of the best things I’ve read all of last year. Really excited to see the series return and see the world building.

Yeah, I’m waiting on the trade to read this next arc myself. I’m not anticipating heat or spec on this second round though… gonna be plentiful and going by history, second volumes don’t see the same as the first ones that grew organically. (See Canto as a good example, particularly when it comes to indie titles).

I read the first issue of the initial mini-series and thought it was good but I didn’t feel an urge to read the rest. Should I go back and revisit it after everyone says how fun it is?

It is a great read! Make sure to do the little QR code things that link to videos and music to get the full effect!

The FCBD issue is really solid, gave me hope the upcoming issues would keep up the quality.