We Live: Age of the Palladions

After a LONG wait, Aftershock is finally releasing some details around the new We Live series, Age of Palladions.

Looks like there will be two #1 books. A “white” and a “black” with seemingly different content.

There will undoubtedly be a billion exclusives for this. Issue 1 and 5 are still the big ones from the first series.

Here’s a bunch of good info: AfterShock Comics Announces Sequel To ‘We Live’ With ‘We Live: Age Of The Palladions’ – COMICON


No kidding…over/under @ 50?


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I’m so pumped for this release… I hope it’ll be ongoing!

I have a bunch of 1 and 5 from the first series. The only store exclusive I got is the 2nd print foil of issue 5 that has the 1st cover appearance of the Palladions.

I wouldn’t waste any money on any of the other store exclusives. They were super late to the game and manufactured demand with their ‘limited’ print runs.

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The first series was great. I don’t see this being super speccy, but I’m very excited for the read.

I’ll be buying a copy to read… I don’t see any spec heat on this in the foreseeable future though.

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I grabbed a couple exclusives from the first series. I agree the #5 2nd print foil (first Palladions cover) is the one to get.

I really liked this #1 fourth print sketch cover. Miranda’s original concept sketch. I got it graded as I thought it had an outside chance at a 9.9. But, I’m ok with the 9.8.


Can’t wait love this series

Send to CBCS and you’ll get your 9.9

Multiple copies of We Live 5 (1st Print) 9.8s have moved today between $200 to $240.

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The only copy I have is issue #1 David Sanchez black and white variant. I got it in a comic mint holiday box last year, and kept it for the long term.

I was thinking about doing an exclusive for this one since I love the series, but with as many that will be going on and the fact it’s going to be a double issue will be double the cost to us as well.


I really wish Aftershock would gate how many exclusives there are. I think flooding a single issue with 50 covers is bad for the hobby.

Why not allow 5 exclusives per issue. Do a lottery to see which issue you get. SIKTC exclusives were blazing hot when it was 5-6 per issue. then issue 16 hit and wrecked it.


I think this should happen with every publisher, and let it be sort of a round robin of shops who get first dibs. I asked about this back in July / August when I found out there was going to be a volume 2, and we were supposed to have the art and everything in by October for the December release. It got pushed back, split into two books, but I sincerely loved the first volume so much I wanted to support the second one.

I am still uncertain whether we will do it, but if we do, its going to be a very limited run as we don’t have the funds the big shops do. Hope volume 2 is as good as the first one!

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I think they should just do away with store exclusive variants and go down to just a regular cover for all comics, no more open order variants or ratios. Paper shortage, there’s only one reason they print multiple copies, because people will buy more copies than they need, to inflate and pad their publishing numbers to appease upper management bean counters…


I like some of the exclusives that give us more art than we normally would have had one one or two covers…but 10, 20, 50 different ones is overkill for sure.

I also do not like the amount of paper that is wasted…I wish there was some way to fix that besides just full on digital products.

NAme an indy mini series thats volume 2 was better than it 1st volume ?

Print to pre-orders only. No ratio incentives so retailers have nothing to chase and act like consumers. Remove the extra pages just for ads in the back of the book. I’d imagine just cutting an entire sheet (total 4 pages, front and back) would drastically cut paper usage across the entire print run.


" But unlike certain other publishers, they are doing something about it, stating that AfterShock is doing its biggest overprint of the We Live: Rise Of The Palladiums launch issues in the publisher’s history and retailers will be able to reorder the series without any reorder fees charged by Diamond Comic Distributors as you might expect."

:rofl: :joy:

Yeah I’m not understanding this one…why would you overprint thinking retailers are going to come back and buy them? We did not go heavy on this one as we already had the exclusive…maybe thats what most retailers figured?