We Live

So I had a chance to read We Live #1 from Aftershock comics and was floored by how good I thought it was. Reads like one of those sprawling Animated epics. World is coming to an end in a few days and 5,000 children who find these alien bracelets. A brother and sister have to travel to a city where the pickup point from the aliens will be. Monsters everywhere. Seems like it is going to be big. Now Aftershock hasn’t had any spec hits in a while but have a good feeling about this book.

Its ironic that you mention Aftershock…

Ironic indeed.

Ya’ll are using ironic wrong. This counts as a coincidence. I think.

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No, it was no coincidence I posted it right before the announcement was made, and I think Monopoly knew it, that is why ironic was used

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Damn it, you’re right! You win this round of linguistics!

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I posted over on the main site an article from Forbes that mentions We alive specifically. They talk about one book that has been optioned and then mentioned We Live you can see it HERE. .

Not a guarantee that the book will be optioned but could be a hint.