Web of Venom: Empyre's End #1 potential first appearances

Hey all - does anybody have any information regarding this issue?

It seems to be both an epilogue of sorts to Empyre, and a prologue to King in Black, and may involve Knull battling and/or corrupting a Kree battalion. Wondering if they’ll be popping up again later, as they seem uniquely designed for Kree redshirts and appear on both covers revealed so far.

Knull may need some solid footsoldiers - any potential spec on the King in Black’s Order?


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I’m going to have to add this to my pull!

Those are the different new characters from the Empyre event I imagine they all die since no one cared much about them to begin with one of them may stick around being the one who summoned knull

I wont say too much.

Its a good story
Explains where the planet of Symbiotes went
Potential Second App of Knulls Knight(s)
The Cover of 1:50 tells you all you need to know :wink: