Web of venom wraith possible spoiler?

Saw this on Facebook just now. Supposedly web of venom is on marvel unlimited, or it was? Guess Knull has a counterpart?

Not Anti-Knull…please…enough of he Anti’s!!!



God of light…the Illuminator…from the 90s

Black Winter for sure

Yeah, seems MU goofed. I read the whole thing… we’ll have spoilers coming soon… :wink:

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Well…just holler if it’s worthy of one copy or “more”. At this point I can still adjust preorders. I liked the Gist 1:50 as I do like the cover & Wraith, but if it’s a nothing burger I’m sure not gonna over pay ratio on it.

All I’m gonna say is unless there’s some type of twist to the story, Wraith just got his ass handed to him by Knull. I think this book probably squashes the idea that mystery villain from Issue #25 is Wraith though, for those out on the interwebs claiming it’s Wraith.

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Is this worth a multi-copy purchase?

Hard to judge in buying multiple copies unless people go crazy that the light seen in this one is Knull’s counter part Wraith tells Eddie about, the God of Light (sounds kind of like biblical talk). So if Black Winter’s cloud can catch heat… maybe? Guess we’ll see depending how this “God of Light” pans out…

The God of Light first appearance… let’s run with it… pump and dump time, if everyone else is doing it, why can’t we? (now I’m gonna go listen to that Cranberries album) :slight_smile:


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You can still pre-order these from TFAW.

And honestly, I’m buying now just because of Hotz doing the cover A.

Thanks Poyo.

Looks like worth picking up a couple because you never know with Cates but nothing to go crazy over.

God of Light…isn’t that a Game of Thrones thing? The red woman, her name escapes me right now worshipped the God of Light.

Heh… Humans been worshipping the big ball of fire for many moons… :smiley:

Hey Knull is just the Night King from game of thrones but with symbiotes instead of zombies.

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Bet Wraith wished he’d brought sun glasses…and sun screen…

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For what it is worth, there is a video floating around and Cates says Web of venom Wraith is going to be a must have. We all know he says that about every issue he puts out though :rofl:

Maybe it’s just ole SENTRY finally gonna make his presence known again and whack some skulls.
That fellow has been my hero since he ripped the spine out of Ares. Dude don’t play.

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