Wednesday Night Live: Matthew Rosenberg

Hey Guys,

Join us here tomorrow for a live stream with creator Matthew Rosenberg; writer of We Can Never Go Home, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, and more. He will be joining me by video here on the forum to discuss his newest book What’s The Furthest Place Form Here (which even has a comic and 7’ combo). Matthew is open for questions and you will be able to type the questions directly in the form and have Matthew answer them.

Wednesday Night at 9 PM Eastern.


9PM Eastern or Central? This is why I use UTC @D-Rog :wink:

Eastern, I do not recognize any other time zones.

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Any update?

Maybe he got his timezone messed up… :wink:

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Hey guys very sorry. I had a work emergency come up and will reschedule. I asked if he was free tomorrow night. Will update shortly.

I can sympathize.

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All good. Thank you for the update.

Just to put it out there. One of my workers 3 year olds came down with covid for it from his daycare teacher. Had to do covid tracing and cover his caseload. Ugh.