Welcome to Lost Angeles

I meant to post it this morning, but I was waiting to see if I was jumping the gun. Saw one seller jacking the price up and wanted to see if others followed, looks so.
MIGHT be some heat on “Welcome to Lost Angeles.” My LCS had ONE copy so I jumped on it.
Not seeing the sell data yet, but I think it’s gonna happen :slight_smile:


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It’s available for preorder for less than cover at TFAW. Limit of 3.

Lost Angeles #1

You know what’s crazy, people are just listing these for $30 or so but none have sold for that much.

Is this the new norm now? Just list random indie book or book at super high price and hope people cave and buy?


List it for $1,000,000. It only takes one sale.


Add the letters -->VHTF and you got a winner :roll_eyes:

Along with “Rare” and “Scarce”…

Yes, just get a bunch of people and one start listing at $30 and go from there.

You are right, none have sold.
This gonna be amusing to watch the next day. Any book can now become the next Nottingham :wink:

“Low print run”

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The art looks terrible.


Meh. Don’t care for it. False expectations and people forcing FOMO. Ala natural is the only way to go.

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It’s available “on sale” on the Bliss on Top website. Lost Angeles | Bliss on Tap Publishing