Werewolf by Night #1 - Spoilers

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book feels under ordered imo. but seem like a character that will end up in champions.

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man those incentives are scarce, nobody ordered the book it appears

trying to stir up demand ?

Heh or simply pointing out they couldn’t find any of the incentives. I can’t see most shops going heavy on the book myself.


Picked up a copy of Cover A from the LCS. The store only had about 3 copies on the shelf and none of the variants - that said, they could’ve all gone to subscribers and pull lists so who knows.

Had to snag a copy as I’ve been about that Werewolf life since Eric Cord in 1987 :man_shrugging:

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you caught me, i confess. you saw right through my 2 replies in a 15 hour span. your good