Werewolf by Night #4-Just a great cover

I’m personally a fan of Gist’s work and I think this is really, really good. Just the regular b variant, not saying spec…just a heads up as it was just released.


Sort of along the same lines, Man Bat 1 is a really solid cover. These two should fight.


Like a better version of Underworld!

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That would be dope. Underworld was a guilty pleasure. I loved the Korean it was building until it did the time jump.

That is impressive work on WbN. I don’t know a huge amount about the artist. Has s/he (?) been around for a while?

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@Chudders He has been around for quite awhile (maybe late nineties?). I feel like he has only recently had more work with Marvel/really mainstream stuff though. He did quite a bit of horror, video game concept work, work for Darkhorse and independents. Seem to recall he teaches art as well. I’m not a super expert but most of his stuff seems to have a horror or supernatural aspect to it. Definitely more realistic/detailed painting. He did a nice variant for the Web of Venom Wraith fairly recently. Although it was great, wasn’t one of my favorites though. Very prolific artist, like I said, just not as much that I can see for Marvel.
I follow him on Instagram, seems very nice and humble. I don’t collect all of his stuff…but I really like this Werewolf piece.

OK, thanks. Seem to have just missed him somehow and then seen two or three mentions of his work over the past couple of weeks. Just a weird coincidence!

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Just a reminder that this book is out this week!

I’m a Gist fanboy, but regardless, this is just amazing

Certainly worthy of a cover price grab imo!

Did u grab the Savage Avengers Gist cover?

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I did! Thank you though! He has a Conan cover as well this week. It was fun to see his excitement over the fact he had 3 covers all in one week! Obviously, my impressions of him are just via social media, but he seems like a really genuine, nice individual who loves his art and creating it for a genre he loves.

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Same. I grabbed savage and werewolf. This issue he gets that symbiote sword again.

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Issue 18 he learns the origin of the sword