Werewolf By Night Disney+ show

I have 4 of them. Midtowncomics has em still in stock .40 a pop.

I have seriously been debating this for books that are hot that I have. And I have a connect that can walk in CBCS books for a quick turn around. Especially since the show is a bit off it might be worth it and 9.8 sold today for $100 more than yesterday.

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I probably will send in at least one. I paid less that $3.00 for the comic because I pre-ordered it. If this character is used in the next phase of Marvel moves it could be a good investment to sell in the about 5 years or right before a tv show drops. Even if it sells for $200 it is a good short term investment.

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Problem with getting them graded is you won’t get them back for 5 months and if they announce WWBN is not this character they could significantly drop in value.

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That’s how I’m feeling lately for possibly grading books (never have yet) so sending in a book I paid $2.79 for and most likely got shipped free or bundled in with a bunch of other books doesnt sound bad.

That’s why I wasnt choosing CGC. So far as of last week my connect that lives by CBCS been offering to grade books to his friends and I missed the last 2 entries but everyone has gotten there books bacc in 2-3 weeks. Of course it could change but I dont think its 5 months.

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CBCS turnaround time is currently listed at 17 weeks so you would still have a long wait.

Please note, I’m not a believer in “Previews” appearances. Simply posting this because we discussed it and I was curious.
It’s release was def impacted by the initial onset of Covid

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I got to find mine but I definitely have those.


as some one who owns every variant and OA from wwbn #1 2020. i refuse to buy this book even for a dollar on principle.


Your Empyre #1 preview is different than mine…

What’s interesting with the Empyre #1 preview I have is it’s not just your typical solicitation and cover art images. It actually has art from the book on 2 pages, multiple panels in the preview.


One preview book came out before the Covid delays, the other came out afterwards…

remember the comics that had like 5 or 6 page preview of strange academy 1. how well are those doing? are any of them above cover price? i mean no offense if you have these sell them, make your money, but the real collectors dont count these.

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Previews are a niche kind of thing. Some will do well, some won’t.

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Some fascinating niches within niches with comics:

People who collect Previews magazine appearances

People who collect underground/alt comix
these sometimes crossover with…
People who collect the cheesecake/porny comics

People who collect almost exclusively coverless/incomplete comics

People who collect comics in the hopes if they have a good enough collection @Anthony will set them free from their basement AKA @agentpoyo.

I forget many niches, probably.

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Yep, there is something for everyone. Previews are just a little more tricky to predict IMO.

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