Westfield Comics experiences

Hi guys I’m thinking of switching Westfield to be my main comic supplier because it’s just the ease of online buying and great prices but before I do I’m just wondering has anyone had any experience with this company? Do they cancel a lot of orders or do they always go through with everything?
Let me know your experiences

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The books come in great condition even without bags but prepared for your orders being canceled randomly even if you order before FOC.

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So I’m guessing I should just use Westfield as a back up just in case? Do they normally cancel the full order or just partial? I’ve ordered 30 high republic adventures #1 so I’m hoping at least half go through

They used to have really good customer service. Not so much over the past year or so. Great otherwise as long as you don’t have any order issues/damages.

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I ordered 200 star wars high republic #1 before FOC and 175 were cancelled. I just got the 25 books today, almost one month since SWHR came out. However this may be one off because of a hot book.

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I liked Westfield. I use them to preorder certain things!

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They’ve cancelled all my books after FOC.

Some weren’t even 99 cents. On was the night of FOC…so I think technically it was after FOC…like an hour after their cutoff.

They have given me extra comics and put silly notes in my orders which can be a surprise.

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Thanks for the replies guys and damn that 200 down to 25 one really sucks