WGA Writers Strike and the impact on comics

Charles Soule posted this to his Instagram…

I am a member of @WGAEast , and deeply support the decision to strike. This is a line in the sand that will have ripple effects across many creative industries, and will hopefully bring needed change for the better.

My pencil is down, but my spirits are high. We got this.

I wasn’t actively reading / collecting comics when the last strike happened. What was the impact to comics? Alternate (non-union) writers trying to prolong the story until the strike is over? Delays for new comics?


It likely only affects those who write for film and television, not comics to my knowledge. Soule also writes for television and film, why he’s a part of the guild that’s on strike.


Ahh ok… that makes sense

I could swear when the last strike happened 2007 through 2008 some people who are known for television and movies wrote some comics because it was an opportunity for them to get a check and still be striking for the other stuff. Am I remembering right?

I could totally see that as a possibility for some.


They had a strike in 2008 but it didn’t go well cause of the recession

For some reason, the only thing that comes to mind is when a similar situation basically ruined the show Heroes which I loved…


Exactly what I was going to post.

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here comes even more reality shows

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Time to catch up on some of my MCU backlog…

Cant wait for the looming DGA and SAG strikes coming up…

contracts end June 30th

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Oh no….not golf. :wink: