What are my shipping options?

I felt this was appropriate to post here since it involves SELLING.

Can anyone recommend a good video, page forum, etc that may explain some shipping options?

Normally when I sell via eBay, I do free shipping but tell people that I use a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box + signature confirmation when shipping their item. I normally toss the comics in a Gemini mailer which I then put in the MFR box. Now that being said, I am out $17 of the total fee I asked for, which is reasonable.

Like 6 years ago, when I sold comics via instagram/facebook, I’d put the comics in a Gemini mailer, then toss it in a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope which I no longer see, but it would cost me about $8. That was 6 years ago though. I have no done that in a long time, but I would like to get back at it thereby eliminating the vulture’s fee.

Fast forward, last week I sent a Gemini Mailer via Priority Mail and that cost me $9.90 I didn’t add the signature confirmation for a $2 book that I traded with someone on this forum. Glad that person got it though!

MEDIA MAIL IS NOT AN OPTION for me. So what are my other options?

Any advice will be helpful.

I use a comic book mailer and first class shipping. I add an extra comic or board for protection. Just use painters tape to strap iit own. Never had a problem.

Plane, train or automobile…

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@cruzzer very open ended question, but you’re probably looking for advice on just about every situation. So I’ll give you my perspective, which is really shipment’s of eBay sales.

I generally ship comics less than $40 using first class and in a Gemini or similar container. 9/10 times I can get it under 12oz and it costs me $4-$5 with the eBay discount. I don’t add insurance as 90% of my sales fall into this category and I typically paid $5 or less for the books and so if it was lost or damaged, very rare (happened maybe 3 or 4 times in 20 years) my investment is minimal. Paying the additional $2 insurance or upgrading to priority I lose more money than I would save in the big picture.

If it’s more than one comic I may charge $1 extra if the weight goes above 12oz, as shipping jumps up $1 over 12oz.

Higher than $40 I go priority. I think it’s $8 with the eBay discount. That’s my threshold for risking loss. Not that it does much as the last two comics damaged in shipment USPS did not reimburse me anyway. So I’m leery of selling books greater than $100 on eBay now and looking to slab them all and send to 3rd party like MCS.

If you go directly through USPS website they don’t offer first class or discounts on priority…at least not for non-paying members. Haven’t looked in to what the benefits might be. I just go to the local P.O. if I want to send first class outside of eBay. Priority is $9.90 for up to a lbs though if shipping a Gemini mailer…which is crazy, I agree.

Haven’t sold on Mercari, maybe someone else can speak to how it works. If they offer discounts and can purchase labels through the app.

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Gemini mailers are specifically designed to fit in a USPS Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate envelope which is $8.25 and less ($7.70) if you use shipping services like PirateShip.com


So below is the actual wording from my ebay listings and how I do shipping on there. If you’re selling other places you can always use Paypal for shipping at this link which is nearly impossible to find on Paypal itself so bookmark it if you want/need https://www.paypal.com/shiplabel/create/

"I combine shipping for multiple purchases. Unless otherwise noted most flat items are $5.95 for the first and .50 cents each additional. We also have a constant sale of up to 20% off your purchase of ANY ITEM if you buy 4 or more items. Buy more and save more. Returns are accepted only if the item is not as described. All comics come bagged and boarded. Comic orders of $10 and up are shipped securely in Gemini comic book mailers usually via First Class or Priority. Comic orders under $10 are shipped in sturdy rigid cardboard mailers with do not bend stickers’.

@Toy_Maker What does run me price wise?

Thank you everyone. I just want to start getting away from eBay and sell via Instagram/Facebook!
Tired of getting clipped.

I have boxes and boxes of stuff I need to push out the door.

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I use ebay for the most part. I use 12oz as a estimate for the shipping. The cost is around $5 - 6 dollar range before they do the discount. If I sell anything off ebay I use pirate ship. You will get the same discount on the shipping there also.

I’m trying to find a price for the 11 -5/8"(L) x 15 -1/8" TYVEK envelopes.
I’d just stick the Gemini in there and ship it out. I’ll have to dig for answer.

This is pretty much the exact way I do it.
Most single comics in Gemini/First class.
I also don’t like selling books over $75 on ebay. Luckily most of my inventory is just $7-25 dollar books. Anything over $50 I ship priority. The last $75 book I sold, I put in a Gemini and I stuck the Gemini inside a priority box, and packed extremely well.
I sell action figures/toys and let’s just say I’m MUCH more comfortable sending those whichever way because they are more difficult to get damaged via shipping.
I have heard there are certain weights/dimensions you are better off shipping Fedex, but I don’t know myself.
I like the Ebay discounts but I believe there is a way to get discounts through Pirate shipping or something? Don’t know anything about it.

Where do you sell over $75 books?

@Bluemax.mindless : On Facebook comic sales pages, instagram…