What are the better marvel beat variants?

what are the better marvel beat variants other than youngs (back in the days ) and hip hops that people dont realize have value?
im thinking like lenticulars and star wars action figures, story thus fars ect (not exclusives)

I would NOT put lenticulars in that category. Marvels were awful and even the key books like GR 15!(first cosmic GR) it’s the lowest value of all the covers.

Early negative space variants is the first I think of.

If you want to go back a ways, 90s gimmick covers in newsstands graded 9.8 (many were card stock, so may see a 9.9 pop up).

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Disney 100 covers see some demand in future years…the ones that homage famous books like hulk 1, FF1 and AF 15 (have they made that one yet?). It might be a while though.


do you even know what beat variants mean ?

No. Maybe I should have asked that question first.

Enlighten me!!!

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What is happening in this thread haha.

Define beat variants, please.

You gotta check out those Star Wars action figures tie-ins, they can actually be worth something! And those story thus far editions? They’re perfect for catching up and usually come with some sweet extras.

Some of the Alex Ross Timeless variants.

marvel beat variant were
exceed 100-200 percent of book x and unlock book y’s
examples were
earlier skottie youngs
some star wars action figures from volume 2
story thus far variants
hip hops
lenticulars homages
even blanks
they stopped doing this like 7 years ago

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I have a doctor Aphra 24 Galactic Icons variant. I think that may be one of these as the shop I got it from had to meet some ordering prerequisite from the prior month.

Is there a website that lists them all…kinda hard to answer your original question without a full list to know what the options are.

Very interesting topic!

A comprehensive list would be amazing but I’m not even sure how someone would gather all of that information. In fact, “what is a marvel beat variant” on Google, only brings up the link to this thread so that is a non-starter. Is there another way to look up these comics that Marvel made LCS’ jump through hoops to get? I remember watching Its Drunken Chat Son on YouTube awhile ago and having those guys mention it (usually UltraMaximus if I remember correctly).

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