What are you all looking for? What I seek..

That Marvel Darth Vader Omnibus is a BEE to find…
Please keep your eyes peeled out for me…

I’m also beginning to pick up those Star Wars Epic Collection books and just picked up Legacy 1 & 2 for 20.99 each…



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I wish Marvel would reprint those early Moon Knight Epic Collections - they’re pretty pricey now. I think an Omnibus is on the way next year.

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My “Ghosts” are Transformers Infiltration (IDW #2 retailer incentive cover C (RI-C) complete w/trading cards. The only one I’m missing from the set. Searching for 5 years.

Also looking for a newsstand Transformers #50 9.6 or better. Hell I’d settle for a direct edition. Every raw copy on eBay the past few years is riddled with spine ticks…black cover is tough.

I got the 1st one… the 2nd one is SUPER HARD… I saw it in May last year for retail price, didnt know. I went back a week later and it was gone. I ordered the Omnibus, will probably sell the 1st one, but it would be nice to have for my epic collection. I’m putting together the Star Wars Epic collections together, this Christmas I was gifted with 3 of them,

I’ve decided to go after 181. Not sure if I have the right plan, may have to sacrifice my 180.

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looking for albedo #3 and 4, the crow #1, copra #1, caliber presents #1, TNMT #1.

There is a guy on Reddit with Albedo #3. He wanted to trade it to me for one of my keys I had listed for sale/trade.

Wow, not a single Darth Vader omnibus listed on eBay. Guess the market is all mine! Feel free to shoot me an offer if you’re interested. I also have most OOP Star Wars Epics.

last Darth Vader Omnibus I saw sold for $275
One went for $340 in October but the same day I saw one go for 102
I was like “F-K NO”
They prices are all over the board on that one…

It was similar to Annilihation Conquest Omnibus… but I’m glad it’s getting reprinted

I always assume that someone just listed the lowest priced one to low. They didn’t check sales and a buyer snatched it up. That’s my main thing buying up underpriced “keys”.


Finally a copy became available on eBay. My mission is complete. Below is the set, including trading cards/puzzle pieces (on their backs).

image image

image image


If you all see

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Old Republic Vol. 3 in a printed format at your LCS and your willing to pick it up and ship it to me let me know. Can’t seem to find it on the bay or on Amazon.

Here is my list to complete my Star Wars Epic Collection Legends List!
Slowly I am chopping away when I come across an affordable one.
I’m currently in negotiation for some of these so we will see

• The Old Republic Vol. 3
• The Old Republic Vol. 4
• The Old Republic Vol. 5
• The Menace Revealed Vol. 1
• The Menace Revealed Vol. 2
• The Menace Revealed Vol. 3
• Legacy Vol. 4
• The Clone Wars Vol. 2
• The Clone Wars Vol. 4
• The Empire Vol. 5
• The Empire Vol. 6
• The Empire Vol. 7
• The Original Marvel Years Vol. 1
• The Original Marvel Years Vol. 2
• The Original Marvel Years Vol. 3
• The Original Marvel Years Vol. 4
• The Original Marvel Years Vol. 5
• The Rebellion Vol. 1
• The Rebellion Vol. 3
• The Rebellion Vol. 4
• The Rebellion Vol. 5
• The New Republic Vol. 4
• The New Republic Vol. 5
• The New Republic Vol. 6

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If anyone doesn’t have a Marvel Team-Up #1 and is looking for one desperately, I found a great candidate for a potential low low ending price in a few days. :exploding_head: :face_vomiting: :face_with_spiral_eyes:


But the deader says it is “nice”…so, it must be!

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