What are your thoughts on this....?

I know “homage” covers are commonplace but, for me, this just seems sort of cheesy. Especially from a couple of artists who have such a huge following already (Frison & Chew who also made one)).
The cover/ pose by Middleton is already just so iconic. It doesn’t feel like it can really be interpreted…just copied in a way that is far less appealing.

Maybe I’m jaded as I love Middleton’s work and this cover. Feels like this cheapens it somehow.

I know people will buy them up & more power to them.

Anyway…like the topic says…penny for your thoughts?


The original cover set the bar very high, everything after will just fall short…

The cover is meh


I think you can recognize that its a work by frison. I don’t think this deserves much acrimony. Btw im not a fan of homages. I think they’re lazy work

No disrespect to frison cause she is a great artist and this does look good, but part of what makes the Middleton cover work so well is how high quality it is and stunning, not because of the pose. I think there isnt a lot of homages for this book because the middleton one is just that good and any attempts to copy it just come off as cheaper versions.

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I like Frison, but this is so close to Middleton’s that it’s pointless beyond a cash grab. Same character, same white background, same mouth agape.

Can’t see if there’s a signature, but I typically side-eye blatant homages that don’t say, “Artist B after Artist A”.

Wasn’t my intention if I came across that way. Perhaps Frison & Chew are huge fans of his as well. Their own interpretation is still great and certainly better than what I can do. I just felt “why” & wondered how others felt.

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I like homage covers that are done well. I’m pretty sick of ASM 300 homages these days tho.

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I guess Middleton didn’t approve of a foil facsimile/reprint…would have been a much much bigger hit.

Birdcity is also doing a foil reprint of the original middleton.

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No price? Guessing $40 as is typical of convention foils.

Chew’s looks great. Frison’s looks too flat. The middleton is basically a masterpiece and I wish I owned it.

Some books get homages because the composition is great or the cover attains iconic status, even if the execution of the core artwork is just OK. That Middleton Batgirl was so perfectly executed, it is pointless to replicate it in any way. Like others have said, Frison is a very good artist (and I have a bunch of her work), but some things should be left alone.


Its live for anyone who wants, the middleton foil was $45

45 smackers for the foil cover? Foil must not come cheap!

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If you’re patient you can get a copy of the original for $45.

It’ll likely sell out for $45…but this is not a good investment if people are thinking it will be.

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I have the original version and figured I’d get this one to get with it, purely for pc

I was tempted if it was going to be $25 to go with my original. But I knew it’d be $40 at least.

I have other goals in 2024 to achieve and can’t let $45 set me back. If I really want this book I’ll grab a copy later.

Even the Batman Adventures 12 NYCC can still be had for under $100.

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Even the Batman Adventures 12 NYCC can still be had for under $100

I bought 3 copies of the Batman Adventures 12 dollar edition. Got them for 25 cents each. Sold 2 for $15 and $20 plus shipping. Kept the 9.8 candidate 3rd copy for the PC. Good enough for me :sunglasses:

Those came out in 2020? How didn’t miss that?

Wait…graded copy says 1/20…which means it came out around October? I had me Achilles surgery around that time…was not exactly a wednesay warrior as I couldn’t drive until January 2020.