What are your Top Three Comic Book Stores?

I know we have a thread about comic book report cards and a few other threads about problems with buying comics. I keep reading negative stuff about TFAW shipping on unrelated threads. I thought that maybe people could share their top three online comic book stores and why they buy from them. I am always looking for another place to buy popular hard-to-find comics that are heating up. A thread about where to buy comics would add value to the community. List your top three comic book stores. If you want to say why that is a plus.

My top three comic books sellers:

  1. TFAW
    I get low-priced ratios and can buy hard-to-find comics that are heating up post-FOC. They also have good discounts pre-FOC.
  2. DCBS
    You get the biggest discount here. Items I know I am going to buy two months ahead of time I buy here.
  3. Midtown
    I buy comics here that are hard to find at a good price that is one per customer. I also buy comics that I think are going to be popular right before they hit the news stands.


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I shop exclusively at the network of LCS’ I have in my area. I really like the shops that use Overstreet to price incoming collections. :grin:


The shop here does that. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone brings their books to them because they are so poorly run, but I remember going to the counter once and the guy was telling me something and pulled out the price guide…I was like oh man!

So tfaw charges when the comics arrived despite your delivery schedule of every 2 weeks?

No. My previous order processed(charged) on 6/17, it actually left the warehouse yesterday, 15 days later. My latest pre-order processed(charged) Wednesday, 6/30.

So, I still haven’t received my order and I’ve already been charged for the next one. If you’re doing once a month, you shouldn’t run into that issue.

I’m fine with it and am in no hurry, but I know some people are trying to quick flip or presell and TFAW is not the one if you’re looking to do that.

TFAW should only charge you when they process the books to prepare for shipment.


My shops are slowly catching onto the market, in ways, but I still find the best deals to be had in person. I’m sure there are deals online, idk, I guess I just prefer staying local. :beers:

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Even though I am a shop, I still support the other shops in the area and take my kids to them. Also I like to talk to the people! Love shopping local!


Impulse Creations, MycomicShop

I have yet to receive any damaged books from either.
Impulse I like because I determine when things get shipped, they just hold all my stuff. I often don’t buy a lot of books so logistically it makes more sense for me.
MyComicShop-They package well and I also like that I can buy back issues and piggyback them onto my sub orders. Throw stuff on your notification list and you can jump on it when it comes in.
Those are the two main online ones I use besides ebay. I have a lot of shops locally so if I can’t get it online, I buy it locally. There’s a place called Book Nook here in Atlanta that is just killer for back issues, every time I go, I find some gems.