What do you think of Superman by J. Totino Tedesco (Action Comics #1030 variant cover)?

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I like it.

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Tedesco is consistently great.

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I love Tedesco’s art. Sadly though, probably won’t do anything beyond being a nice cover price book sitting in your personal collection.

But, if we keep talking about it non-stop, we might create some FOMO and demand will rise from the chaos that ensues, we all flip it for $10 for a very brief moment to watch it fall back down to $1 type of book… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The same thing could be said about Amazing spider man 55 Lr.In my opinion ,this cover is iconic more so than the Amazing Spider man 55 Lr cover.This cover captures the pure imaginations of kids growing up who wanted to be Superman.

Yes but I think the main difference here is, Tedesco brings this type of art to the table every time… ASM 55 was more unique as it wasn’t ever done in such a style prior. So the unique captured most people’s attention, causing demand that turned into value going up…

That is a sweet cover. Cute and well-drawn.

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