What ever happened to those Poison aliens and why does it matter now?

Before Donny Cates was handed the keys to the kingdom Cullen Bunn was wrapping up his Venom run with Venomverse. The Poison symbiotes are a frail crystalline alien race that were slaughtered for generations. The Poisons found out they could assimilate the Klyntar symbiote race and become a ultra powerful new race of Poison that are now the hunters not the prey. So Venomverse is about the Poisons quest for more Klyntar to assimilate, they do this by traveling through time and multiverse plucking Kylntar out and assimilating them. Eventually Jean Grey from another time kills the Poison Queen killing all the Poison race but two. The two Poisons who survived are Cletus Kasady and Jimmy Hudson. Now Jimmy Hudson still has his Poison and is constant battles with who’s in control of his mind. The Poison armor disappeared and Jimmy walks around in his human form now to this day with the Poison symbiote inside. This is very important that his Poison armor disappears but he still has it. Poison Carnage also survived the death of the Poison Queen when he was flung in space for eternity. The klyntar bonded with Cletus’s Poison is not the Carnage symbiote as this was gone and in the possession of Normon Osborn at the time. His Physical Poison symbiote like Jimmy’s went away and revealed Cletus anew with his legs again after he was ripped in half by Sentey previous to Venomverse. Cletus then burns up in Earths atmosphere while remnants of the Carnage symbiote in his blood try to protect him but he still dies. So that’s where absolute Carnage Donny Cates starts at Cullen Bunn’s Venom run ends as The Church of The Darkness steals Cletus’s recovered body. So why does any of this matter?, there are two current Poison symbiotes walking around that probably would have no problem assimilating The God of Symbiotes Knull who is coming as everyone reminds us. So could Knull become an even bigger threat as Knull King of Poison and Symbiotes.


Do you remember when Sentry ripped Cletus in half, in space, and Cletus was all like ‘no, no, don’t rip me in half’, and Sentry was like ‘uh uh, I’m ripping you in half’…remember that…That was awesome.

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I do remember that. Sentry kind of made ripping people in half his thing after that.

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Pfff…hobgoblin was ripping spidey in half long before sentry made it cool…


I remember that…that was awesome. :wink:

(This is as close to a meme as you’re gonna get from jcLu)