What If ..... Disney+ show

Episode 1 wasn’t bad. Two was better. Didn’t like 3.

Was that not King Loki at the end?

All those “…Kills the Marvel Universe” books have heroes dying in dumb ways

Didn’t the Punisher use a special hammer on Doctor Doom for hours till he cracked the mask? That was funny.

Episode 4 was great. It was a bit devastating in the end, but it was so good. I’ve watched it 3 times already. I think it’ll tie directly in the next Spiderman and Dr.Strange movies. May explain Some of questions the trailer Brought out too- I don’t want to spoil the episode So I won’t get into how, but if u watched it you may know what I mean. I am loving this show.


Was def the darkest episode so far.

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Marvel Zombies #1 going for $100 on ebay.

Felt like this one ended on a cliff hanger that it should not have.

The wipes out so many zombie heroes it also doesn’t leave much for future episodes of marvel zombies. Except maybe FF and Magneto and the x-Men.

Really quick episode with a lot crammed in…felt rushed. Overall didn’t do MZs justice IMO. But I’m sure those not familiar with the background (Millar and Kirkman) may have liked it.


Hasn’t it always gone for $100 or so the last decade


Agreed on cliff hanger. Buddy and I talked about feeling like it being a two parter.

Hell naw.

I bought (one of) my copies a few years back for $50 graded…witnesses signature.

I do feel that was a bit of a steal at the time though.

This series has been an absolute let down.

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I have enjoyed about half the episodes. The other half, not so much. A very hit or miss series for me.


I’ve liked most. They end them too soon. They have too many cliffhangers. Marvel Zombies could’ve benefitted especially from another 20-30 minutes. Episode 7 with Thor as an only child wasn’t interesting until the very end. Then it’s cut off. They need to follow up on these stories or extend them. I think The Doctor Strange episode was the best- well done beginning to end.

I want more Of Seth Green’s Howard the Duck.


I fell asleep during this weeks episode. I generally agree they have been lack luster. And he cliff hangers are a bit of a let down as well.

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I agree, too many have ended too soon. Right when I am starting to think about how they are going to deal with x or y new problem in the plot, it ends. Still have enjoyed most of them but would have liked to see the final 1/3 of the plot that feels like is missing.

Do any of you have younger children/kids/teenagers who are fans of the overall genre and such.

I’m just curious if the younger fans are really enjoying shows such as this one or Star Wars Visions?

I just do not find them interesting/appealing at all.

This week’s episode should have been called “What If…What If”.

It almost jumped the shark…

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What was that age of Ultron infinity?

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