What If ..... Disney+ show

1st episode is out.

It’s pretty good. Animation style took some getting used to.

The ending sets up Carter as Captain Britain.


It seemed ok, i stopped watching half way. ; (

I started it. Got bored and skipped to the end. In all fairness I don’t care about the actual story they chose. When they do a different what if I’ll be more interested. The animation was great to me though

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I really enjoyed it, and I like that they got the actors to do the voices as well.

I liked the animation and the premise but wasn’t a very interesting story or first episode, hopefully next weeks is better.

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Was it just me or did the Hydra castle look just like the Disney castle😂


I thought the exact same thing. Rumor is Walt was a major antisemite.

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Was that Shuma Gorath?

opening credits seem too much like star trek ng

You say that like it’s a bad thing?

That 2nd episode was fantastic!

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Miss him!

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Fantastic second episode for sure

Awesom show! Loved seeing Cosmo!!!

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Newest episode was kind of cool. But the reveal was a let down.

A little bit of a let down, but it makes sense. Just one thing can change things so drastically. I like these alternative story possibilities. I would actually like to see these storylines continued to see what happens next.

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I need to go back and read some of the past What If? Comics. I read one that I liked; it was dark. The X-Men lost Inferno and the Goblin Queen enslaved Wolverine. I think they fed Wolverine freshly born human babies because he was so animalistic. I wanna say he came to after he killed Kitty Pryde and ended up sacrificing himself. Like I said dark but it was a good read. Anyone have any other favorite/ good What If? stories to recommend?

What if? The Other

Third episode was trash in my opinion…

Thor and Hulk can die? And by such trivial means?

I’m normally very easy to entertain and am the last person to complain too much about writing, plot holes, deviations from source material, etc… But nah this episode just wasn’t it for me. Weak.


Seems appropriate for What If, an unusual aspect i always remembered was how easy heroes died in that series. What if Hulk killed Wolverine from the 90s was one of my favorite books but Wolverine sure did die easy.

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