What is the best way to sell a comic collection

I am at a point in life where I want to sell my comic collection and I have been mainly using ebay and mercari. What other options are there to sell a collection. I have not used criagslist or facebook marketplace. any insights appreciated.

Looking to sell it all at once or trying to piecemeal it out?

Posting key books individually so far on ebay because these are the easiest to sell. No idea how to sell the $1 books.

Hit up local shops and or do a craigslist garage sale ad to dump the rest. If they’re truly just $1, you just take the best offer… if there is one to be made!

I tend to just cut my losses on the worthless books and dump them off at Half Price. Sure you’re getting pennies on the original cost but if they’re books you know will likely never heat up, etc, it’s just an easy way to rid of them.


Local comic store for things not keys or popular books. At that point, you are at the shops mercy and take what you can get. Also factor in that you don’t have to ship if you sell to a shop

Flea Market.
There’s always someone, somewhere, who wants the books you don’t want even if they’re not more than a buck or so


If you in an income tax situation where you itemize your deductions, you can donate to a charity/Goodwill. Say you are in a 25% tax bracket and donating $1 comics, that $0.25 per comic tax deduction is worth more than a LCS offering you $0.10 a book. There is a $5,000 value limit before things get complicated.


Give them out to the community. Spread some love. I find that it is not worth the effort to sell the non-key issues.

Oh. Do NOT give any of the #1 issues of Star Wars titles produced by Dark Horse away.


I do this every year! Last year I donated 1200 comics to the library…and it helped a ton on my tax return last week. Everybody wins!!

…make sure to ask for a donation/tax form…to make it official.

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