What is the most economical or best way to ship more than 20 comics to a buyer!

I would like to know your way of shipping out lots of 20 or more comics to a buyer to keep the shipping costs resonable for the buyer.

Priority mail flat rate box.

I’ve done 20-40 books in those Diamond boxes as media mail. What I do is load about 6 to 10 comics (depending on thickness of the books) into a priority mail floppy envelopes (not the flat rate more rigid ones). You can have them nicely tucked so they don’t move around. I then cut out priority mail large flat rate boxes to fit witihin the box I’m sending. Place the envelope of comics on the cardboard and tape them down so they are centered with a few inches of extended cardboard around their edges. Place in box. Do the next batch of 10 comics and place on top, just keep loading up the box. What this does is create a barrier space between the walls of the box for cushion and hits/drops while also reinforcing the box with 4 to 5 cardboard slats within it. I did a quick test once and i dropped the box, it did very little damage while holding the comics securely in the center. It as almost like the box turned into a solid brick but still pretty light. I think I shipped 40 books once for like $6-$8 media mail using this method.

I’ve done the priority mail medium flat rate as well but it doesn’t provide as much “air space” between the outer walls of the box and the comics. But if you have enough cardboard sandwiches inside, you can probably ship securely. Large flat rate would work with cushion but you’re adding another $8 to $10 on the shipping price.

The problem with shipping via EBay is that they inflate the “calculated cost” that your buyer pays. Depending on the destination and origination “zone”, the shipping cost fluctuates. Weigh the package and then select different shipping options on the listing to see which method suits your needs.

You have to decide if you want to follow the USPS guidelines before choosing your shipping method. Comics do not qualify for media mail because they contain advertising. If you ignore this, media mail is the cheapest rate. If your package is opened by the USPS, you will be billed the additional postage via EBay shipping. Also, if you use priority mail envelopes or boxes (even when cut into pieces), you will be charged the additional postage if discovered by the USPS.

As for packing, I make sure that spines are alternating to help prevent pressure creases. I put a layer of bubble wrap around the outside of the stack. I’m actually shipping 33 comics out tomorrow using a priority mail medium flat rate box. By using the priority mail box, I can also (legally) use priority mail envelopes on the inside.

They use to allow independents, comics that have self advertising from publisher or no ads in them. Then they changed the wording to pretty much say all comics.

But honestly, I ship media mail all the time. I’ll start caring when USPS starts caring, because they don’t seem to care for the most part. I’ve never had a book opened or inspected. USPS is silly though, I’ve had flat rate envelopes show up with a first class label on them… despite them saying it requires Priority Mail label only…

Print up a few pages of music to wrap the comic around in, music qualifies as media mail… :wink:

True. I had a package that “tore open” during transit so I received a handwritten letter on the back of my shipping label detailing how using priority mail materials (I used pieces of a priority mail flat rate box) in a first-class package was a federal offense. Then I got an additional charge to my Ebay account via Paypal for an extra $6 shipping to cover the cost. Not worth the risk to me, but I certainly understand why people use media mail…it’s cheaper! what makes me mad is when someone is charging $9 shipping for media mail that costs $3-$4…just increase the price of your item.

That whole notion that the supplies they provide is owned by them is pure nonsense.

So are they going to come charge me when its ripped open and thrown in the trash? Maybe I’ll start gathering them up and dropping off at the post office… Since they own it.

Hahaaha. My advice for anyone shipping items is to be as honest as possible about the cost. Ebay/PayPal charge fees on the shipping fee which is ridiculous, but it’s because people tried to charge $0.01 for an item and $100 shipping to avoid final value fees. I charge $4.49 for 12oz (my pkg min weight) and $5.99 for 13oz-16oz on first class. This way Ebay can’t overcharge the buyers - I’ve had Ebay charge $2+ more than the actual shipping cost when I used to select the “calculated” rate.

Thanks for the feedback, it was very helpful! So far the most I have shipped is 10 or 11 in a Gemini Comics Mailer enclosed in a legal size priority mail flat rate envelope which works very well but I was considering making up some larger lots to try and sell before I have to build a new addition to my house. Just kidding about that, my wife would not go for that,but I have come to realize that it’s easier to buy comics than to sell them so I have been trying to be a lot more selective when I preorder or buy them from some of the big online sellers.Thanks again for the info!