What’s Your FOC Highlight Book for 10/28

Seeing Poyo’s post on the main sight got me thinking what book(s) I’ve got my eye on to possibly pre-order this week.


My highlight book is the JSC Action Figure variant for Absolute carnage #5. It’s he only “classified” cover of all the variants…even the 200:1. Variant has already been revealed.

It’s the final book in the limited series…we still have yet to see the Dylan/Symbiote creature…could this issue be his first appearance? Could that be him behind the classified curtain on the cover,…?

Being an open order cover price variant, why not take a chance on this cover? The others aren’t so great, or are a high buy-in.

If anyone else would like to dive deeper on any of the Books up for FOC this coming Monday.

EDIT: I’m not able to find the Mark Bailey “cult of carnage” 1:25 variant online. It’s not a
Classed” cover, and is likely a swipe or homage of a cover from the Cult of Carnage issue. It’ll likely be released prior to that week. TFAW has it for $20 currently… best price I’ve seen out there.


Seems like Previews still has the “Image Not Available” for the AC #5 Cult of Carnage as well. But yeah, seems TFAW has a good price on the variant.

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I got passed a link of the Captain Marvel #12 spoilers… Seems they spoil which Avenger dies first and who’s also behind Carol turning dark. Don’t click on the link if you don’t like spoilers, since this book is on FOC and is about a month away from release.