What should I get next

So… I have been picking up a bunch of keys lately. Mostly first appearances. The next book I am knocking off is first Vision. A book I have wanted for a while. I found a very nice copy at a good price. What keys in the $100-$500 range do you think is a must have. I have to preface it by saying I do have a monster collection, so some I may already have.

You likely have this already, but I love this book and still feel it is undervalued.

How about a really nice copy of Marvel Premiere #28?

I don’t have it. Damn. I have been looking at it as well and didn’t think of it. I have pretty much every other key in that run.

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I might just pull the trigger on that one. Also still need to find decent approachable copies of Marvel Spotlight #2 and #5. I spent a lot on some pre-code horror last month and was considering working towards my collection of Eerie horror comics (the publishing company and not the Magazine by Warren as I have a great run of the Warren mags.)

Silver Surfer #3, Daredevil #131, 168, Amazing Spider-Man #194, X-Men #101, 107, 129, Marvel Super Heroes #12, 13, Swamp Thing #37, FF #36 Are all books on my list and owned most already.

I just picked up a really nice SS #3 last month. My Daredevil collection rolls deep so I am covered in him. Do not have FF 36 but that one isn’t high on my list. I don’t have Swamp Thing #36 but picked up a great copy of #1 not too long ago. Lots on here to think about.

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I have also been considering Space Adventures #33 first appearance of Captain Atom, a character I have always liked.

I just picked up a fairly nice copy of Marvel Spotlight #2 late last year and earlier last year a Tomb of Dracula #1 as well as a Fear #19 Jewelers insert. Actually pressed all three books and boosted their grades by one to two each. Anyway, horror books are on the rise. Marvel horror is great since there is a chance many of those characters have a good shot at being on Disney + which means they will belong in the MCU.

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Iron Fist #14 - First Appearance of Sabertooth!

I love the villain, plus i think it’s a very good spec book. You can’t have Wolverine without Sabertooth in the MCU right!?!

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Even better if you can track down the price variant at a good price.


Allow me to suggest Journey into Mystery Annual #1, first Hercules …

for various reasons … :vulcan_salute:

Modern: Do you already have Into the Spider-verse #2 & Ultimate Fallout #4? These are today’s keys that will resonate with the next generation and always hold value. If you can acquire the rarer variant covers even better.

Bronze/Copper: Marvel spotlight #5, Marvel Premiere #15, Werewolf By Knight #32. Cant ever go wrong with these.

If you’re a Transformers fan why not go for a 9.8 newsstand copy of Transformers #1?

Thor 337 in 9.8 (newsstand). I love first full appearances plus cover appearances!

Do you have Batman 223, 232 or 251? Classics. Actually, I think I may need to add Batman 232 to my “must find a way to acquire” list.

Silver: Fantastic Four 48-50 before they are out of reach.

So many books to pick from…so few funds…:slightly_frowning_face:

I have had Iron Fist 14 for years.

Also have EOSV #2 and Ultimate Fallout #4. I have a lot of books. Lol. Loving the ideas everyone is sharing.

Do you have a higher-condition first Wendigo? That is a really nice cover of Incredible Hulk.

How much Moon Knight ya got? You can get some earlier appearances in great condition for that 100-150 range.

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Moon knight I am good on. Don’t have first werewolf by night appearance but do have pretty much everything else. Have a moon knight 1 regular cover and a pence (not mike pence) edition.

Very nice. I have a good assortment of Moon Knight items as he is my favorite but no Canadian or Pence variants at the moment.