What the crap Midtown

So this is why in the other thread on Midtown I said I didn’t want to complain. I was afraid of exactly this.

6/20 I ordered all three Thor 5 covers including the 1:25 for $20. It has stayed in processing ever since. My later orders on 6/30, 7/2, 7/6 all moved from processing to shipped (although I didn’t get tracking).

So last night I sent a email asking politely why my 6/20 order is still processing but my later orders moved to shipped. I stressed I still wanted the 6/20 order and didn’t mind waiting some more, but I found it odd that the later orders processed first.

Well first thing today I get an automated message that my order processed. Get excited, then I read it…

They canceled my 1:25 for $20. That was my thanks for complaining. Ugh.


And yes, that’s pretty crappy they canceled your ratio… I’m certain it would have gotten canceled if you said something or not. Now, maybe they couldn’t fulfill it, give them the benefit of the doubt but if you see the book show up in the site for $200, well, that’s when you scream, holler, protest, riot and cause a ruckus with their support cause they should have fulfilled back orders before their price hikes…

I agree. Most likely it was the reason it hasn’t processed all this time.

But I did email them a week ago and got a blow off response (Which was 2 weeks after it released so they would’ve known then if they couldn’t fulfill it). This time they canceled it in very odd timing.

I put the book on wishlist so I should get an alert if it magically goes back in stock.

How did they ship you two of something that is limited to one per customer though?

I didn’t even notice…

I ordered before they changed it to one per customer. It changed in their system shortly after but my order was already in.

That’s odd cause I’ve seen them bump extras off when they changed after you’ve ordered. Maybe they felt that would have been a double whammy, taking the ratio and a regular off the order…

I just keep ordering separate order…costs extra shipping but not to bad if it’s a hot book to flip.

So it’s really “limit 1 per order.”

Yes. That’s the only way I’ve seen getting around the 1 per customer order. I mean, if you bought something, left and then came back, you’re essentially starting a new “customer order” right?

No. Same customer, separate sale. I didn’t change my identity or credentials. But whatever.

Planning on doing it again today…if the new releases are very show up online. Their website is as slow as their shipping.

Ironically I did get a confirmation my order fo this weeks releases is being processed. Should I inquire about last week’s in stock items which are still in limbo? :slightly_smiling_face:

Careful, they may cancel your stuff. Ha


Possibly. I’d take the 1:25 over the Cover A. Ha.

I was talking in the sense that if I walk into a store, buy stuff, completed sale, left… then come back in at later time (1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day), I’m now yes, same person but new customer making a new order… it’s one per customer order… to me, the ticker resets after you completed your transaction, leave and then come back… so essentially, same could be said for online ordering… I completed the first 1 per customer order, I turned around came back with a new order. :slight_smile:

very liberal interpretation. But hey it’s their policy and rules…their job to enforce them how they feel they should be interpreted.


Shit. They have always bumped me down to one even if I ordered more than one. Tfaw has been doing it too

They know who you are and the website you run now… it’s a conspiracy to keep you grounded… :wink:

What actually happened with your order that sat and didn’t do anything for weeks is they got a box labeled @Anthony from CHU. Any packages that get flagged with your name on them get tossed into that box with a mandatory sentence of 3 weeks before they ship out… :wink:

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Ha! They just made me wait 5 minutes before I could place a second order.

Getting crafty. Still will never ship my books.

Strange Academy #1 2nd print was what I ordered. Will go for more next week through MCS.

Update: went back for copy #3 and it’s sold out now.

Called my lcs and they confirmed Diamond is sold out.