What The?!

This comic I bought yesterday keeps getting curlier and curlier by the hour…I suppose it might be a little humid, but I have central air, so not sure.

No creases or ticks or damage of any kind…can this still be a 9.8??? :grin:

image image

With a good press

Not an issue, really. Keep it in a bag and board in the middle of your short box and it should be fine. Worse case a good press will take care of it for sure… At first I thought you were going to give juicy spec on a What’ tha book!

Black Winter is doing it!

That is too funny. Comic poltergeist trying to read that first page of story, for sure. :ghost::100:

First appearance of The Comic Who Laughs! :slight_smile:

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Damprid I just got one last week

Did it sit in a hot car and then it was brought inside? The AC should keep the humidity down. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Actually, it did sit in a hot car for a few hours…it was already starting to curl when I bought it, was a little worse when I brought it in from the car…then walked by it today and did a double take…

Had to snap a picture.

I get I can press it back into a pancake, it i was wondering as-is what grade would it be? I don’t think there’s a defect category for this.

Of course I have a comic I submitted to cgc and came back a 9.4 with only “waviness throughout book” in the graders notes.

I actually have several containers of these in my basement on the shelves with my short boxes. Plus a dehumidifier.

Thought that might be the case…category was “general “ though…not back issue spec. Sorry!

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Nah, if was funny!

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