What to buy for Pressing?

I’ve got a bunch of Amazon gift cards and was looking at buying a heat press and tack iron anything else I need to purchase as well to begin pressing? Im sure I’ll be asking for all your pressing tips and secrets soon thanks for the help.

Just got one myself. I will be listening for tips as well. Good luck.

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If you are starting out, some parchment paper will come in handy. It is best not to press a book without at least a layer of parchment paper placed over the comic so it doesn’t come in contact with the heated part of the press. A steamer for clothes/curtains will be needed as well. Just don’t saturate the comic.A little goes a long way.


Almost bought one earlier this year, and I used Kaptain Myke’s site for a good run down on equipment and basics of pressing. Just never pulled the trigger, but my friend who did told me about this site.

Kaptain Myke’s is great for sure. Seal presses are the best but expensive. The tacking iron doesn’t matter so much but it needs to come to a point at the end. I would recommend a humidity tank over a steamer and 65lb card stock over parchment paper unless you like having the parchment pattern pressed into your cover. Every era of paper uses different heat and different buffers within the comic

There was some good info posted on this thread

And @PCKComics posted on his website supplies that he recommends

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I would imagine one would practice on a bunch of dollar bin books before anything of value. :wink:

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As mentioned earlier, I have a list of supplies on my site that I use personally (I press and clean many books a day), but feel free to ask me if you have any specific questions.

As for presses, if you just want to get your feet wet and see if you like it, I would start with the swing arm presses, the 12"x10" one I have listed on my blog was my first press ever and I still use it today. The Tusy Clam shell is the gold standard for pressing if you are serious about it. I actually have 5 of the Tusy presses now. I am about to update my list supply list for how to whiten comics, but that is definitely a more advanced technique.