What would you do with McFarlane auto exclusive?

So I ordered a bunch of toys and got one of the autographed exclusive comics by Todd McFarlane. It comes in a comic bag with a board and a “store exclusive” sticker sealing it. No COA. What do you think? Do I leave it as is? If I send it to CGC, it gets a green label since it wasn’t signed in front of one of their witnesses. Do I send it to CBCS because they have an autograph verification option (I think)? Looking for some input.

Depends. Are you looking to cash it out or keep it? A COA is just a piece of paper that anyone can print, so that really doesn’t make anything more legitimate. I would personally keep it floppy, but if you are selling it, CGC will have the value and CBCS will give the autograph authenticity that CGC refuses to do without their own eyes.

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I’m going to keep it for my collection. I’m just feeling kind of uneasy with just a sticker on the back of a bag and board being the only thing identifying it as legit. Todd’s auto isn’t very complicated so I’m sure it gets faked.

Does cbcs still do red labels?

Yellow is the new Red.
But they indicate “Verified” on the yellow label to distinguish from their Authenticated/Witnessed signatures.

Red is buh buy

Send it into JSA for authentication unless you also want it encapsulated.

I also recently received a Todd McFarlane toy auto, but mine is on a Spawn art print rather than a Gunslinger comic book. I want to get it slabbed put only for preservation purposes.

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Send it to CGC. With all the mishaps, you will get a blue label like mine lol. I have a Spawn 299 SDCC signed by him. I left it at CGC after the con and got back a 9.6 blue label lol.

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