What Would YOU Do...?

Just a thread for seeing what others would do when presented with a situation where they could buy or sell a comic…but had to pick between two.

First up…Transformers #21 9.6 Newsstand vs. 9.8 Direct. Keeping one for the PC. selling the other.

Which one would you keep for the PC which would you sell. I don’t want both.

The 9.6 cannot be pressed to a 9.8. It has a couple minor flaws, but Still a solid 9.6 IMO.


OKay, Here’s some back story:

Back in December I sent in my Transformers #21 (Marvel) Direct copy for grading. It’s come back today a 9.8.

I was expecting no better than a 9.6, so when a 9.6 Newsstand appeared on EBay Recently I grabbed it thinking I’d just sell my copy when it came.

Well, here it is! A 9.8 and I have a decision to make.

A couple stats In case it helps:

Between CGC and CBCS there are 35 9.8s and 19 9.6s (74 total graded).

CBCS doesn’t note any Newsstands in their census. CGC doesn’t differentiate.

CGC census (9.8/9.6): 27 / 19 (66 total graded)

CBCS census: 9.8/9.6: 8/0.

Ebay Sales and Listings:

There is one 9.6 Direct currently listed for $80 + shipping.

The last two sales were $33 (Direct) and $45 (Newsstand).

There are currently two 9.8s listed on eBay, Both direct asking $105 (CBCS, free shipping) and $175 (CGC + shipping).

No recent sales for 9.8s, but issues between 10 and 30 seem to average between $60-$100.

So…what would YOU do…? And please share why if you don’t mind. :grin:

I already know what I’m doing…but figured it would be fun to see what others think.

Is a 9.6 Newsstand better than a 9.8 Direct from this era…? :man_shrugging:

I personally sell the book that yields the most return. As long as I have the book, and it’s a nice copy, that’s all that matters to me.

Now, if I had a specific memory attached to buying it newsstand…I keep the newsstand. I personally bought all my GI Joe books of a spinner rack at a nearby store back in the day. Even if the newsstand isn’t the same book…the newsstand holds significance to me and I favor them.

I also think that most folks chase the grade…not the newsstand (I know there are exceptions to this).

Regardless… I’d keep the 9.6 newsstand personally.

If the newsstand was a 9.8, I’d keep it. Since it isn’t, I’d sell that one.

I personally don’t hold any additional value to newsstand versions so I’d keep the 9.8 direct and sell the 9.6 newsstand but that is just me. A 9.8 is still a 9.8, newsstand or not. Plus a 9.8 newsstand could always be out there :wink:

Pre 2k newsstands really aren’t all that rare…Pre 1990’s newsstands are fairly common.As always keep the one you like best.

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I would sell them both and buy a Transformer book someone cares about.

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Not helpful and uncalled for, Alana. I hope you were joking.

I care about it. I’ve been a Huge fan of the cartoon and comic since early childhood. My goal for my PC is to have the first 24 issues in 9.6 grade or better, preferably newsstand. Along with some of my other favorite covers.

I’m only lacking issue 12 now graded. I have a 9.8 candidate but did not send it in because it has off-white pages.

Some people enjoy comics because of nostalgia, even if they wont make them big money someday.

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If you’re collecting a run I wouldn’t sell either you will want both the newsstand and the 9.8 after you have completed it. I have 1-4 I hope they are all 9.8 I opened them myself from the multi pack they don’t seem to have any flaws #1 should be back from the graders soon.

No I won’t. After issue 12 I have completed my goal. I’m not that obsessive compulsive.

I sincerely miss Alana’s sardonic wit. I find it refreshing and absolutely hilarious. I sense no malice of forethought present (unless you choose to attack her — remember that exchange with BA?? HA!), just some good, old fashioned, dry and sharp humor.

You care enough to not want no off white page copies so I would say the books are very important to you.

I’m not sure what your trying to say (double negative and run-on sentence is throwing me off), but I may send in the copy anyway, despite the off white pages. I see 9.8s with white pages selling for $40…so why send my copy in and spend $40 for a press, grade and shipping just to have it come back in 9.6 off white?

I may send it in…just didn’t this last round…mostly because I had to cut off my submissions somewhere, and it Just didn’t make the cut. Was hoping to send another order in, but online sales have hit a brick wall as of late. So no cashola for me right now.

I was just trying to be funny drogio you’re analyzing my comments like there’s more than meets the eye. Better to buy already graded if it’s cheaper than having it done yourself.

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Most definitely the period Of time in which they came to market influences the Scarcity and this the value.

Newsstands are common from this era, but I believe you’ll find more 9.8s Direct graded than 9.6s Newsstand. But most, as seen above, seem not to care…momentum is gaining though, in the past few years…and CBCS acknowledgement of newsstands as a true Collectible variant is helping. Their census will also help with understanding/estimating how “scarce” newsstands of certain books and eras truly are. One (of many) reasons I like to send my PC copies of newsstands to them for grading, as you can see in my recent submission I got back.

But really my intent with this thread was to gage where this community stood on newsstands…I Probably should create a poll (maybe poyo can help me out since I’m so bad at technology) to creates some stastics…I think 75% or more would take the newsstand Over the direct if in the same grade. But what I’d the newsstand was grade was slight below the direct grade? What would one pick?

An example…Ultimate Fallout #4 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1: 9.6 Newsstand versus 9.8 Direct? Someone offered you the same price which would you buy?

It’s just an interesting social experiment I’ve been meaning to roll out…figures I actually have a real life situation a where I have to decide so thought I’d see where it would go.

Thanks to everyone who didn’t provide snide comments. I appreciate the input. And those of you who haven’t weighed in Please do so if you have the time.

I just got this…I initially read it at 1am and brain didn’t quite register it. funny! Good comeback.

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Keep the 9.8.

If same grade I’d say the newsstand, but in that era they are plenty common enough so they wouldn’t overcome the grade difference.

If we were talking about a newer book like your UF4 example, that’s a much harder decision.

Send them to me. I’ll look them over and send you back the one you should keep… :wink:

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I personally only covet a newsstand if it’s a 9.8. Finding them in this condition is what makes them more scarce, not that they’re a newsstand in itself.

There are definitely pre 2000 Newsstands that hold a premium over their direct counterparts.

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In all seriousness though, I like high grade older newsstands. I also like barcodes more than the silly spiderman head or what other nonsense they put there for the direct sales at the time. I’d probably keep the 9.6 Newstand…