What would you take in trade for a Marvel Spotlight 5 in CGC 4.5?

I currently have a Marvel spotlight #5 CGC graded 4.5 on eBay for $2,000 or best offer. A buyer reached out to me today about a possible cash and trade deal. I asked if he had a high grade tec 880 but no luck. I’ll post his responses below.

I already have a Marvel Spotlight #5 in CGC 6.0. He going to send me a couple of offers with which I’ll update here. So my question is… what would you take in trade?

Tec 880 is a GREAT cover but besides that, it has nothing else going for it. Me personally, in my opinion, would not trade the first appearance of an iconic character for a cover.

That being said, do what makes you happy.


I personally wouldn’t accept raw(s) in trade for a slab from a stranger via eBay.


Only do it in-person.


I’ll do trades in the Comicswap Reddit, but only with established members. I don’t wanna get ghosted. I don’t trust eBay for that kind of thing.

Message heard loud and clear… Thanks guys.

If you’re in the nyc area in the near future, I’m open to an in-person trade.

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@agentpoyo make it comicstradingup.net will send everything to Anthony as the middleman so no one gets screwed lol


No way, he’ll just make me do all the packing and sorting. :wink:


I am out of the escrow business. A guy from Canada wanted to have a couple of books sent to me in 2020 during the height of the pandemic and have me ship them to him in one combined order. We agreed on a price. Needless to say I had months worth of packages come to my house and when all was said and done, the $400 plus in shipping wasn’t to his liking. He then asked me to sell the books (and other things) for him. The problem with that is it would all count as income for me and I would have to show all the receipts and all for inventory I did not purchase, just too much of a risk, Needless to say he found another guy in the states willing to sell them for hi,. I wish him best of luck with all the sales and hope he made a prophet off them, just not worth the risk for me.

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