What you ordering today 8/26

Small week for me finally, picked up a 2020 IWolverine #2 variant Which I thought was suppose to be a 1:25 but looks like it’s open order and a Ironman 2020 #6 1:25 variant

I didn’t order anything special today for 8/26. None of the ratios did anything for me.

Just going with my previous preorders for 8/26.

Anything that starts with 2020 in the title is pretty much my drek picks… meh!!!

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He built some little girl robot at the end of IWolverine #1 haven’t seen how she maters or if she has powers yet and it’s only a 2 issue series so grabbed a copy just in case.

So you’re admitting you bought out of FOMO and not that the story or character was any good? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep same reason I buy Ironman 2020 FOMO and I can get the 1:25 variants for $6.99 so if this new evil AI that’s controlling the Godkiller armor turns out to be something

I wish I had your optimism… meh… these books were horrible. They shouldn’t had even wasted paper and ink for such atrocities…

I haven’t read this, but is it not Elsie Dee?

Yep I just can’t see making these mini series for no reason they have to introduce something in these last issues for IWolverine and Ironman 2020 or what’s the point for the 2020 books make them as horrible as 2020. I count Galactus on 4 covers for 8/26 this week so I guess Marvel isn’t trying tie anything together with their different books.

Elsie Dee 2020 lol

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Your taking about the same company that releases books out of reading order…

The problem nowadays is, you got a heck of a lot more titles to handle, unlike 20-30 years ago with dozens of writers and artists. They’re never going to be “on par” with everything going on. We also have flying men with magical hammers with talking black snowflakes now… none of it’s real, it doesn’t have to all tie in to make sense from one title to the next. :wink:

Or they truly thought some people might enjoy them… Marvel just needs to fire Dan Slott… he’s run his course and all he does is ruin books now.


Yep why I kept the Thor #5 1:25 turning into a snowflake and being crushed by Thor really isn’t much of a death. Black Winter came to Thor and did what he said he was going to do show Thor his death. I think Thor will then use Black Winter later to thwart or eat Thanos with the infinity hammer and zombie army.

“iWolverine”…more like “USuck”…

(Not you, Alana…the book)