What's next......?

Ok, I got a question for everyone. I think in importance and value it’s safe to say Action #1 is #1 and Detective #27 is #2. What is number 3 ? I say Amazing Fantasy #15. What do you guys think is next?

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X-Men #1

Flash comics 1, Marvel comics 1 and Captain America 1 would be right there behind action and tec

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Batman #1 is just as big as Tec as well

My question is what is the next sea-changing property that will come along. The whole thread so far is a discussion of supers. I think Superman was a milestone because he represented a whole genre of comics, Batman was a new, darker take on that, and Spider-Man was the most popular of a whole new style of flawed Marvel heroes. They were all super heroes though.

What property will actually shift pop culture next? Or is there nothing new under the sun any more?

Manga and anime already did this we are just too old

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uf4 has best chance atm in all honesty, i think if done right you could see miles become bigger than peter parker. 10-15 years from now it wouldnt shock me if the movies and disney+ was all miles related for the most part instead of parker. also video game spec is the next sleeping giant. just as comic ip was looked down on for so long so is video games

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In my mind it’s superman, Batman then Spider-Man.

They have all broken the $1M barrier. After that it’s a crap shoot.

Captain America, Wonder Woman, Flash, green lantern, Human Torch…and early 60s marvel…all competing 2nd tier. They will never be as popular as the big three.


disagree completely. af15 will NEVER be cheaper than uf4


No, please, no. I barely understand Cryptocurrency and now NFTs just boggle my mind more.


i never said it would

Has to be AF15. XMen1 would give it a run, imo, if GSX1 wasn’t also such an important book for that particular team.

AF15 for sure.