Whats on your FOC list 10/12/20

Man, looking through this weeks list is making me cry… (imho) there isnt much out there this week so far. No images for the reprints from Marvel, maybe 1 or 2 from DC, Slim pickings from small publishers.

Image has Crossover by Cates, But this has been hyped so much and retailers are buying simply cause its Cates. Add that to store exclusives = a huge print run. ( they have a 1:200 … that means big orders) Art for some of these incentive covers hasnt been released yet. Interestingly enough, Data for the Cover H by McFarlane 1:75 incentive has been scrubbed from Diamond database… hmmm. Could McFarlane be planing a “surprise” incentive like he has been doing for his spawn lately? This is wait and see from me. I would love to score a 1:200 but i think i will order 1or 2 of the cvr A for the sake of ordering them.

this list is in no particular order. These are the titles im going med/heavy on.

Batman 102 (Both Covers A,B plus incentive)
Sweet Tooth the return #1
Captain Marvel 23 ( Both Covers A,B)
Year Zero Vol. 2 #1 ( Both Covers A,B)
Origins #1

Going light on these ( 5/10 copys)
Horizon Zero Dawn #4 Momoko Covr
Dark Knights Death Metal #5

Reprint wise, waiting to see the art to decide if its worth gioing in on and by how much.


Batman #102 (all 3 covers0
Year Zero Vol 2 #1 (both covers)
Justice League #56
X-Men #14
Atlantis Attacks #4
Horizon Zero Dawn #4
D&D Spine of the World (both covers)
Fire Power #5
Marauders #14
Origins #1
Sweet Tooth the Return #1

Hey Brendon,

When I search “Batman 102” on TFAW I only see covers A & B. Do you know how I can go about finding the design variant for this issue?

Death Metal 5 has Kull (Wonder Woman and Batman’s daughter) on the cover so I’m in for one.

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Is that an Artgerm cover? TFAW’s listing says his is supposed to be Perpetua. I just want to make sure I order the right one.

I’m just going off of what UCS shows.

I just saw Artgerm’s Instagram/Facebook post confirming issue 5 is indeed Kull!

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Heck of a cover. Any specworthiness here? First cover? Her first app was Trinity Crisis, right?

Yes, first app is Trinity Crisis and as far as I know this will be her first cover.

Safe to say this is Jane Foster as Valkyrie on the Thor #9 Frison cover?

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It is Phoenix Valkyrie