Whats on your FOC list 10/5/20

Back again with what I am going med / Heavy on this coming FOC 10/5/20

Marvel Action Chillers #1 ( Cvr A and 1:10)
TMNT The Last Ronin #1 ( Cvr A and 1:10) - Side note: Eastman really nailed this incentive. Im loving it
Spawn 311 ( All covers)
Immortal Hulk 39 (both covers)
X of Swords Stasis #1 (all covers)
Autumnal #1 2nd print ( Both Covers)
Giga #1 ( All Covers)

There are a few I am going light on ( less then 5 copys) like Spiderman and Strange Academy, But a lite week.

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Mike, if I may ask, when you say heavy, what is that in your terms? When I go heavy, I am at about 4, so I would be in your light category. Just curious. I try to use practical examples when explaining to my wife why I need more. :slight_smile:

For me, Medium = 25 copys, heavy means 50+ , All in means im going for the highest ratio they have to offer - 1:100 or the 1:200 - Usually in multiples.

As an example, This past FOC i pulled the trigger on SIKTC #11 so i could get the 1:100 x2 . The incentives are selling fairly well right now and have more then paid for the order. Now i can pump out the 3 covers @ cost and still be pulling a profit while keeping a 1:100 for cgc to hang on my wall.

Ahh…good point. Never thought of that angle before on using the ratio’s for the profit and selling the covers at cost. Appreciate the notes!

Where do you order from that allows you to get a ratio when you order a bunch of regular copies, @Mike_C?

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I’m not a TMNT guy, but the a, 1:10 and 1:25 are all pretty good looking. Damn. Was hoping to skip this title. Maybe not now.

Sex Criminals #69 has a photo cover. I’ma buy one in hopes that it’s shocking and not just another regular photo of Matt and Chip like issue #1.

Myself :wink:

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Marvel Chillers #1 was moved to 10/19 FOC.

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Weird. Was there last night. Something is up lately with everything going on. Way more errors and changes and damages then there use to be.

Also add the DC book new gods to the list. Going for the 1:25 variant

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Marvel recently switched one of their printers to a different one.

Yea. I notice that too.

FOC books that appear on Tuesday start disappearing on Wednesday.

They need to get on the ball. Im missing next weeks books from marvel. Expect other retailers having shortages too for thor, wolverine, xforce and miles morales.

I’m assuming you mean that you have a Diamond account and can place orders directly yourself. Do you have a storefront, or just an online operation? I thought Diamond required pics and whatnot of a storefront before they let you set up with them.

Yes, i have a diamond account. With covid and lockdowns, my focus changed on how I sell. At one point i had both a physical location and an online store. Now i do pick up for locals and online.

Speculator at heart. Always will be. Thats why i love visiting CHU


Technically they’ve always said Friday morning is when the list is fully updated, but the last few months there’s definitely been more titles changing as the week goes on, and Diamond has been slow to update their forms. A few publishers started just emailing or calling us directly when their FOC changes because they know it will take a few days for Diamond to update the info.

As for my FOC list…

Autumnal #1 2nd printing (both)
A Man Among Ye #3
Strange Academy #4 (all covers)
X of Swords Stasis (all covers)
Last Ronin (both covers)
Giga #1 (all covers)

These are the only ones on my pre-order list:
Last God, Songs of Lost children #1 (been reading Last God since it came out)
Strange Academy #4
Autumnal #2
Autumnal #1 Foil

I somehow missed Canto Hollow men for my list.
I also missed Giga #1, but I dig the C cover, so if my LCS gets it I’ll be there to pick that one up.

This is the 1:10 for Snake Eyes #2 still available at midtown and Graham’s might be worth a pickup. It’s a color swap of the cover A by Liefeld but it’s Deadpool colors.

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