Whats on your FOC list 9/14/20

I found Alana’s Venom topic very amusing so Im starting a "What am I buying for FOC " list. This is a list of books im going medium to heavy on for ROI.

( the order in which the list is structured is based on Diamonds FOC list to enter, not by popularity)

Star Wars Adventures #1 (all covers including incentives)
Transformers Back to the Future #1 (All covers including incentives)
Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Moore Cover
Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Blank Variant
Miles Morales Spider man #19
Rise of Ultraman #2 Goto Variant
Thor #8 Timeless Cover
Thor #8 Frankenstein Cover
Thor #8 Fortnite Cover
Venom #27 3rd Print ( Thank you Alana)
Wolverine #6 Timeless Cover
Wolverine #6 XOS
X-Force #13 XOS
American Ronin #1 Deodota Jr cover
We only find them when they are dead #2 ( All covers including Incentives)

Whats in your shopping cart?

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Ordered to much to type so heres the screenshots

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Yeah. I think gigawatt will be an interesting addition to the Transformers line. If the comic is as hot as the toy was from walmart it will be a good flip with both short and long term potential.

Hmm , looks like TFAW has the wrong picture up for the 1:10 on we only find them. Hope they send you the right one.

Kudos to the Thor variants. Im diggin both the timeless and the frankenstein ones. Fortnite will be an easy sell and flip for the gamers out there.

I didnt pick Champions because the comic itself had no meat. That said, im hoping to score one of the Frankies Momoko Covers. I know she is cooling off and there is alot of over exposure, but his cover still hits home. WOuld have loved the 1:50 but i was to slow @ tfaw. ( and wasnt going to buy in for 50 covers i cant sell just for a incentive)


You a fan of that cover? I go back and forth on it. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it looks off to me. Almost Miles looks feminine.

I don’t want to show you my tfaw you may set up an intervention
I got the Thors the wolverines the venoms the Star Wars the transformers the miles the Batman the Justice leagues covered I was lucky enough to get peach champions and 1:50 web of venom too

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Yeah, i am a fan of that cover. Same with the Detective 1027 she did. those 2 will go into my collection and then maybe some other time when conventions are going again i will see if I can get her to sign it and then CGC it and add to my wall.


trust me, i know how that is. I have to “trim the fat” on my weekly orders that i speculate on or else i will have far more then i want. As it is im sitting on comics that i havent been able to get listed cause my son takes all my attention. which reminds me, hows your little one doing Alana?

She started standing this week so it’s pretty scary. She just pops up whenever and free falls backwards.

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My babies can feed themselves now and wipe their own butts… babies are great, when they’re someone else’s :wink:

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Yeah I want the Champions miles momoko. And Champions might be so so but when more Miles Kamal news drops its can catch some love on that front. But I bought jus for me mainly if it hits I’ll sell the extras.

Time to make sure the drws and cabinets are child proof. and anything else she can reach up and grab… cant tell you how many times my son grabbed a hold of comics and slobbered all over them.

I gave my oldest kid a first gambit when she was a baby by mistake

I only ordered the Transformers Back to the Future Cover A. I’m buying less and less as time goes on it seems. I’m getting a lot of new character fatigue with some of these publishers/writers that announce keys in advance.

I made the mistake of playing Assassin’s Creed in front of one of my girls when they were like two. She immediately went to the top of the couch and tried to leap of faith into the laundry basket.

Kids have no fear of flopping or jumping off things haha


Uggg. Tell me about it! This kids LOVES to climb on things on things around things through things and then jump over things. I sent my mother pictures of our trip to NC with him jumping into the pool while not even knowing how to swim!