Whats on your FOC list 9/21/20

This weeks list of Comics that I am ordering either medium to heavy for ROI.( 10+ copys)

These are going to be long term Holds for me this week. Maybe 1 or 2 could potentially heat up but i am not counting on them.

TMNT #110 A/B + Incentive
Commanders in Crisis #1 Momoko cover C + Incentive
ASM #50 (all covers)
Avengers #37 Black Panther Timeless + Fortnite
Captain Marvel #22 ( All Covers)
Immortal Hulk #38 (All Covers)
New Mutants #13 Timeless + Momoko
Star Wars Darth Vader #6 (A + B (Heavier on A) )
Web Of Venom Empyres End #1 ( All Covers)
Dune House Atreides #1 ( all covers evenly)

My quick flips will be a few of the Long holds. Star Wars, Web of venom i think will see some FOMO heat early ( I hope). If not they will still be good long term holds. Avengers #37 Black Panther might be a good quick flip. Dune is a long hold but will sell them as sets, Mostly hoping for a Good “Thank you” Variant from the #1.

Honorable Mention :
DIE!NAMITE #1 Momoko Variants
Im on the fence with these. While Momoko is cooling off, there is still a Market for her work. This comic might be an interesting investment. There are 2 limited edition variants that is open for order for $50 each. While Red Sonja and Vamperlla arent traditionally good investments, they still have their own followings, making this a potential win.

Always remember to chose Wisely and do your own research. This list is just my own opinion ( right or wrong)


Wiseley Snipes says ‘always bet on cover A’. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

now we gotta wait for Agentpoyo to post his trademark “Bet on Cover A” meme

Ummm no, cause its Wesley Snipes, not Wiseley… He’s offended by your poor grammar and bad spelling. :wink:

This what I have so far:
ASM #50 Kuder (black and red spidey suit cover)
Vampirella #14 Lee, Gunduz, Gunduz 1:20, Gunduz 1:30 (Katie on cover)
Die!namite #1 Momoko 1:10 Vampirella and 1:20 Red Sonja Zombie
New Mutants #13 Momoko
Dry Foot #1 (limited scarface cover)

Captain Marvel #22 Granov

New Mutants #13 (Cover A + B)
Captain Marvel #22 (Cover A + B + C)
Dune (Cover A + B + C)
Detective 1030 (Cover A)
ASM 50 (Cover A + Kuder)
Web of Venom Empyres End (Cover A + B)
Avengers 37 (Timeless)
Once & Future 12
Tales from the Dark Multiverse Flashpoint
Tales from the Dark Multiverse Hush
Cable #5 (Cover A)
Batman 102 (Cover A + B)
Hellions (Cover A)
Commanders in Crisis #1 (Cover A + Momoko + Andolfo)